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British Book Challenge

I heard about the Bookette’s British Book Challenge (BBC hehe) on Monday, having only seen her blog recently and not noticing the icon at the side of it! I was gutted when I realised, on Tuesday, that the challenge sign up was meant to be over.
However, earlier today on twitter she asked if she should keep the challenge open for a few more days. Naturally I said yes as I stupidly didn’t read the post until Tuesday and I believe a few more people said the same as she has kept the challenge open until Sunday. For this I am grateful to you, Becky, thank you!!

So as I am obviously a UK girl, I will be trying to complete the Home grown category. This means I will be reading 12 books by British authors right now I’m not sure which books I will read. I am currently reading Entangled by Cat Clarke so that will count as my first one. I have read Neil Gaiman’s Preludes and Nocturnes and Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch this year but I am going to run my challenge from the day I sign up; Today.

I am hoping to read the CS Lewis Narnia collection this year (which I may treat as one huge book rather than a collection) so that will contribute and Sarra Manning’s new book You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me as soon as I can afford it. Other than these I am not sure what else I will be reading but I will be sure to update this post as soon as I do know!

1. Entangled – Cat Clarke. Review here
2. Unique – Alison Allen-Gray, review here
3. The 13 Treasures – Michelle Harrison, review here


  • Becky

    So glad that you wanted to sign up. I always like finding new UK bloggers. Hope you get to “meet” a few more through the challenge. We’re a friendly bunch.

    Entangled is brilliant, isn’t it?!

    Enjoy and looking forward to your first BBC review.

  • Raimy-rawr

    Thank you! I hope I do too! You seem like a lovely bunch tbh! I was wary of talking to any fellow bloggers on twitter at first but now I know how lovely some of you are I wonder why i was so worried lol
    Also, entangled is amazing so far yes! πŸ˜€ wish I had more time to read it!!

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