Breathe by Sarah Crossan blog tour and giveaway!

Today I have an introduction from Sarah Crossan about the world in which her new novel, Breathe, is based. I am also sharing the first chapter and hosting a giveaway. Breathe is Sarah’s second novel, you can find out more about Sarah via her website, her facebook page and you can follow her on twitter.

Could you give us a brief introduction into the world of Breathe?
After humanity has reckless logged all the trees on the planet and managed to kill the seas too, the organic world is dead. Oxygen supplies are dangerously low, and humanity is forced to live in a pod under the protection of Breathe, a company clever enough to have found a way to produce artificial air. For the Premiums who can afford vast quantities of air, life in the pod is a dream, but for the auxiliaries unlucky enough to be born into a different caste, life is a constant struggle. Only Premiums can afford to exercise or dance or make love. In this world we meet Alina, Bea, and Quinn, three very different teenagers, each one a key player in the struggle for justice. You might find it hard to breathe when you read this book—seriously, I know because it was hard to breathe when I was writing it!

Breathe First Chp

Breathe Giveaway:
You can win yourself a copy of Breathe by filling out the form below. This giveaway is open to UK and Ireland residents only and the book will be sent out by Bloomsbury, by filling out the form you are giving me permission to pass your details to Bloomsbury so they can send the prize out should you win. The competition will close on midnight October 20th.


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