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Boy Nobody – Allen Zadoff

“I pick up a baseball bat.
It’s a thirty-two-ounce Rawlings composite. I feel the weight in my hands. The balance is slightly off from a dent on the tip. 
I grasp the bat on either end and stretch out in the parking lot after the game. Natick vs. Wellesley. My Natick teammates are all around me, high school jocks doing what they do after a win. Celebrating. Big-time.”

Boy Nobody is exactly that: nobody. He is an assassin and he is there to do a job. But when he is assigned to kill the mayor of New York by way of the Mayor’s Daughter, things change. He becomes somebody, he tries to stay under the radar but things get harder the closer he gets to his target. For his target reminds him of his own father, a man who died before he became nobody, and the subject, Sam, makes him feel like somebody. Things become even more dangerous when it appears he has upset The Programme, his ‘parents’ and the other members he has never known, and now he must dig himself out of whatever hole he is in. 

An action packed ride through the world of a teenage assassin, fighting the programme and adolescence at the same time. Boy Nobody is a must read for any teen who has dreamed of being the next James Bond. 
The story in Boy Nobody was brilliant, and there was obviously a great deal of research done into politics, spy missions and teenage life and what that brought about was great. The story followed Ben as he was called on this mission, through the hardest mission of his employment so far, not only because of the high profile task at hand but also because of the memories it brings with it. For Ben wasn’t born into this world, he was once a normal kid who had what he thought were normal parents… but his father brought the world of The Programme upon him and that is what is reflected in the story. 
The memories and flashbacks that we encounter in the book are done well and I liked what they added to the story, however they are not exactly fully explained. There are things about The programme and the boys family that we do not get to know so it is fairly obviously Boy Nobody is the first of a series of books. I enjoyed this book for what it was but to be honest it didn’t run that deep and I wasn’t overly impressed with it overall. There were things that I thought were fairly obvious and standard in this kind of book that really made it not stand out from the crowd for me and that didn’t help. 
The characters were really unrelatable and I think that was the main thing that bothered me with Boy Nobody. I didn’t connect to any of them really and there wasn’t much to them. I was interested in why the main character was the way he was but as that didn’t get uncovered much I lost the interest from the story. I found the secondary characters a bit drab and most of them revolved around Sam, who whilst she was slightly interesting toward the end of the book, I felt no real connection to for the most part. 

The one thing I really did enjoy in the book though was its use of technology. It fascinates and terrifies me to think about what the world cane come to just through the use of technology and this book is a great example of the things that we can use technology for – both good and evil. I love the idea of encryptions and things that can be done to a simple phone device the same as mine and though I doubt Apple would really allow it to pass through their strict app system, I’m sure there’s a possibility that stuff is going through the system that we have no idea about. 
Boy Nobody was a good way to spend a few hours but I to be honest I doubt the story will stay with me much. I think it would suit a more reluctant reader who wants an easy, action packed read but for someone who likes a bit more meat from their book, this one might not be for you. 
Boy Nobody was released on 23rd May by Orchard Books. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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