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Born Wicked – Jessica Spotswood

“Our mother was a witch, too. But she hid it better. 
I miss her. 
Not a single day goes by that I don’t wish for her guidance. Especially about my sisters. 

Tess runs ahead of me, heading for the rose garden – our sanctuary, our one safe place.”

To Cate the magic that runs through her veins feels like a curse. Witchcraft is harshly punished in New England now and if the brothers find out about her and her two younger sisters they will be thrown into a mental asylum or shipped out to work at sea. The girls must hid who they really are and Cate has been getting them to do that by shutting them out of everyday live since their mother died. But the magic is getting stronger and people in the town are talking about them, it would seem by keeping her and her sisters cooped up she has drawn even more attention to them than she would have otherwise. No she has to do everything in her power to protect her sisters, even if it means giving up her life, or her one true love. 

I really enjoyed Born Wicked, having read about it on a fair few american blogs last year when it was released in the states I knew it was a series I could be excited for and whilst I enjoyed it, I can really see that as the series goes on, I might just learn to love it. 
The story is fantastic, the three girls are worried about the consequences of doing magic, so much so that they will only do it in the rose garden. Cate, as the mistress of the house holds the highest authority and whilst one of her sisters, Maura, isn’t keen on that, the other, Tess, is happy enough. Until their busybody neighbour gets a governess involved. A governess who just happens to be a member of the Sisterhood… the female branch of the Brotherhood. There is a lot of things putting the girls in danger and you never really feel that they are safe which adds a lot of tension and atmosphere to the book and its really what kept me reading. 
The characters are quite well developed and I loved that the girls each had their own personalities, as did their servants, members of the society and the two men who form a bit of a love triangle with Cate. Cate was strong and stubborn and very set in her ways but I liked getting to know her throughout the book and this gave me the chance to understand certain decisions. At first I really liked Paul, one of the love interests but after a little while he grated on me and it appeared as though he thought of CAte as her property from the start, even though they aren’t betrothed. The other love interest was amazing and I really liked him, his character was alive on the page and I loved the feeling I got reading about him and Cate when they were together, it takes some powerful writing to do love well and Jessica Spotswood got it done right! 
I really found the world difficult though… I hated the way society was structured and the Brotherhood, its condemnation of witches and what they do to them was awful and I found it very difficult to carry on reading because of my hatred of them and what they do. I think this makes the book work well though because there is a prophecy linked to the world which may or may not involve the three sisters and I think later in the series the hatred of society in this first book may be wrapped up within a plotline… I will have to carry on with the series to find out!! 
I think anyone who enjoys witchcraft stories, romances and family focussed historical type fiction would love this book, it was worth every minute of my time. Having said that there wasn’t that many minutes spent on it, its a quick read as you get sucked into the story very quickly and its one that’s not to be missed.
Born Wicked was published on February 7th by Penguin. My copy was sent from he publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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