Books and Movies; My thoughts on adaptations

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past week you will have seen or at least heard about the recently released Hunger Games, Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman trailers (here, here and here if you have missed them). I’ve watched all three and I must say I’m impressed with all of them and that’s saying something!
For someone who hates movie adaptations of books usually I am stupidly excited about these trailers. I will go into the two Snow White movies in a little while but first I want to say something about The Hunger Games. I didn’t like the first book as much as everyone else seems to have, *waits patiently for the gasp of shock and horror* (you can see my review of it here.) I didn’t hold out much hope for the film as I know what I’m like for hating these types of adaptations. However, when I saw that trailer… wow! I was tempted to actually go back to the book and read it again because I thought I must have missed something! Im still actually considering it!
I don’t say that I hate movie adaptations of books lightly, don’t get me wrong, I’m not just basing this on Twilight *shudders*. I have seen many different films which have come from books and even time I end up sitting there either hating it or thinking “It’s not as good as the book” I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I love those books and to be honest putting aside the terrible child acting in the first couple they are good movies but are they anywhere near as awesome as the books? No! I’ve read The Lovely Bones, and I have the movie, but I still haven’t read it because I don’t want my memory of the book scorned by that of the movie because I know I won’t like it! Antonement by Ian McEwan was a great movie but was nowhere near as good as the book and any film based on a Nick Hornby book cannot live up to its book, and yes I’ve seen and read nearly all of them! Then Twilight, sorry but I hated the book so thought I should watch the movie and see what they can do with it… ergh I only watched the first two movies and gave up, pretty much what I did with the books actually!
I must admit that I don’t mind some film adaptations of books. Ten Things I hate About You is a kinda an adaptation/retelling of The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare and not only is it one of my favourite of all time movies it is actually my favourite Shakespeare play. Though I have to admit I’ve seen some other shocking versions of this play! This though is what gives me hope for the other two movies mentioned above, Snow White and Shakespeare plays are older, they are both more adaptable than a modern day book when it come to making movies I believe. I also have to be impressed by the way those two films which are so different can stem from the same story. Snow White and the Huntsman is a kind of action adventure-y and I would have to say more like the original fairy tale, it looks dark and full of action and not humorous at all. Then Mirror, Mirror looks pretty funny and quite pantomime-y but I like that about it, it wouldn’t work having two films were the same, if they explored the same things. I cant wait to watch these two movies!
I shouldn’t claim that every movie version of a book is going to be rubbish so I’m trying not too, but it is too often true. I also hate the feeling Ive got that, as does Cicely from Cicely Loves Books, these books are going to become franchises because of Hollywood. So many of some amazing YA books are having movie rights sold; Hunting Lila, Angel, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Uglies etc, I am scared that Im going to loose my love for them and they are just going to become the next way for the movie bods to make lots of money. I really don’t want to walk into a shop and find a picture of Tally and Shay from Uglies starring back at me from a tote bag… also my daughter will be called Tally when/if I eventually have one and I don’t want people to think that’s where I got it from!
Anyway, I’ve waffled enough. To wrap up I am excited about a couple of the upcoming releases of movies which stem from books. I am going to reserve judgement on them til I see tham but I really hope they end up being great, though I doubt they’ll be as good as their book counterparts! That’s my opinion though, what’s yours?
P.S. Thanks to Emma at Book Angel Booktopia for giving me my topic to write about today. I was in useless journalist mode! *wink* 


  • Book Angel Emma

    Lol no need to thank me.
    Brilliant post. I love movie adaptations especially when it inspires teens to actrually pick up the book. This does also have the reverse effect on occasions but the majority will read the book if they know it is going to be a movie. Plus the ttrailers really get them into the whole theme 😀

  • Louise

    Hi Raimy

    Brilliant post, I’m with you on this, movie adaptations are rarely as good as the book. I watched The Lovely Bones and hated it, because I’d read the book first. I’m now torn on how I feel about reading a book first or seeing a film first. If I see a good film based on a book then the chances are the book will be awesome but if I’ve already read the book, is the film going to be awful and not live up to expetations?

    I suppose Snow White is a little different – I saw the Disney version first, not sure anything can live up to that – it’s the first film I ever cried at because of a happy ending!

    *crawls back under rock* I’ve never heard of Mirror, Mirror – how have I missed this one?

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