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Hello!! Happy Saturday! I have a couple of bits of news and boring stuff about the blog (joking obviously!) for you this week!! 
Bloggy things! 
First up, I am guest posting on Viv’s blog Serendipity Reviews today about self image and confidence as part of the “Look at me!” week. Its been a great week so I suggest if you haven’t already checked the posts out, please do so!! 
Next up, Im sorry if you keep coming on the blog and see little bits changing. I’m making some design changes and trying really hard to do things subtly just so I don’t break anything and it doesn’t look a mess but please let me know if you come on and something has gone seriously wrong!! 
 This weeks YA Cover Reveals
and my thoughts… 
Geekhood – Andy Robb
I love this cover! Its fantastically simple yet awesome at the same time. the confused face from the boy and they girl looking like she could eat him alive made me giggle the most! I have heard such amazing things about this book too, mainly from Sisterspooky AKA Laura, go read her review of this book here! This book is due out in June from Stripes Publishing. 

The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld (new covers)
I love this series and these new covers from Simon & Schuster looked awesome at first glance… then I saw the “before The Hunger Games there was…” bit and they immediately went down in my opinion… why is that needed? I do like the eye in each though and the scalpel (is it a scalpel? I think it is but correct me if I’m wrong!) Also I cant help but think that Uglies and Specials are far to similar and what happened to Extras? There’s a fourth in this series that I cant seem to find a new cover for? 
The new covers will be available from the end of March. 
Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garcia & Margaret Sthol
I really love this cover, the image is haunting and I love the green on it! I havent read Beautiufl Chaos yet but I am planning on doing so soon as I loved the previous two, Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness! This one will be published on October 23rd 2012 in the US and as the UK dates usually match up with this series I am guessing it will be available around the same time over here! 
Publisher News
Bloomsbury Children’s Books officially launched their new Facebook and Twitter pages, Hooked On Books on Friday of this week! The Facebook page will feature news, events, giveaways and more! 
The page launched with exciting news about the new Laura Powell book, Burn Mark, due for release on June 7th. Go here to check out the Facebook page and here to check out their twitter. 
That’s it for this week. I hope you’ve had a good ‘un!! 


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