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Bookish and Blogish News (#30)

Bookish and Bloggish news is my weekly wrap up of the news around the YA industry and my blog this week. This includes cover reveals, new book announcements, new author sign ups, book trailers, blog tours and more. I hope you enjoy!


Cover Reveal: Follow Me Down by Tanya Byrne

This is the fantastic cover for Tanya Byrne’s new book Follow Me Down. I LOVED Tanya’s Heart Shaped Bruise and I really can’t wait to see what she has it store for us next. This was revealed on the UKYA site last week, if you don’t know about that site and you are interested in UK young adult fiction, you really should check it out! Follow Me Down will be published in May by Headline:
When Adamma Okomma has to leave her glossy high school in New York for a dusty English boarding school, she thinks it’s the end of the world – or the end of her social life, at least.

Then she meets the wicked-witted Scarlett Chiltern, who shows her all of Crofton College’s darkest corners and Adamma realises that there’s much more to her new school than tartan skirts and hockey sticks.

She and Scarlett become inseparable, but when they fall for the same guy, the battle lines are firmly drawn.

Adamma gets the guy but loses her best friend. Then, when Scarlett runs away, Adamma finds herself caught up in something far more sinister than a messy love triangle. Adamma always knew that Scarlett had her secrets, but some secrets are too big to keep and this one will change all of their lives forever.


Cover Reveal: Teardrop by Lauren Kate
I shared some news about this last week but the full cover for Teardrop was revealed on Monday and my, oh my, doesn’t it look good? It suffers from the same very skinny girl problem as the whole Fallen series but looking passed that I really like the colours and the way her dress is water and stuff. This comes out in October from Random House. 
Book Trailer: One Seriously Messed Up Week-end in the Otherwise Un-Messed-Up Life of Jack Samsonite by Tom Clempson
The second ridiculously long titled book by the lovely Tom Clempson is out in March, published by Atom. I loved the first book, One Seriously Messed up Week in the Otherwise Mundane and Uneventful life of Jack Samsonite, and I can’t wait to read this one! 
Tom is such a great, funny guy and this trailer just made me chuckle so much! I hope it does you too! 
Book Trailer: In The Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters
Doesn’t this look sooooo creepy? I cannot wait to start my copy of this book, it really sounds brilliant and uber scary! Published on April 1st by Amulet In the Shadow of Blackbirds is a must for any ghost story fan! 
In 1918, the world seems on the verge of apocalypse. Americans roam the streets in gauze masks to ward off the deadly Spanish influenza, and the government ships young men to the front lines, creating an atmosphere of fear and confusion. Sixteen year old Mary Shelley Black watches as desperate mourners flock to seances and spirit photographers for comfort, but Mary Shelley has never believed in ghosts. During her bleakest moment, however, she’s forced to rethink her entire way of looking at life and death, for her first love; a boy who died in battle, returns. But what does he want from her?

Book Trailer: Chu’s Day by Neil Gaiman, Illustrated by Adam Rex
I know, I know… This is a YA book blog that sometimes dips into MG… its not a children’s book blog… however I had to share this… Chu’s Day is by Neil Gaiman, so its obviously gunna be awesome, but its also about a baby giant panda and sounds like the cutest thing ever! I beg you, watch this video and tell me you don’t wanna read Chu’s Day, which was published on Thursday by Bloomsbury. 
Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2013
I love it when books I loved are up for awards, I get very, very excited and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize this year has some fantastic books on its shortlist! 
There are three categories; best picture book, best 5-12 book and best teen book. I’m not familiar with any of the picture books, but in the 5-12 range Wonder by RJ Palacio and The Wolf Princess by Catherine Constable are up. I loved both of these books and out of the six they are the only ones I have read… in all honesty I find it hard to believe that anything will beat Wonder to the top spot here but I can’t wait to find out! 
In the Teen section we have; Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas, Insignia by SJ Kincaid, Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher, Seraphina by Rachel Hartman, Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt and Geekhood: Close Encounters of the Girlkind by Andy Robb.
I have only read two of these as well, Skin Deep and Geekhood. I gave Seraphina a go but couldn’t get on with it and I love the sound of all the others. If I was to choose I would want Geekhood to win, its very original and I loved every second of it… however I believe the others are all pretty awesome in their own rights and all very unique in the Young Adult market. 
Who would you want to win from these? 


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