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Bookish and Bloggish News (#23)

Bookish and Bloggish news is a feature which runs on Readaraptor on a Saturday, its a round up of all the weeks book news and a place for to share a few things about what is coming up on the blog. There are similar memes around like Once Upon a Bookcase’s Weekly Gossip which runs on a Monday and the Sunday Showcase meme that some people participate in. 


Happy Saturday Folks! Its a gloomy one out that and with only 4 days til Christmas things are stressing me out.. last minute card shopping today, sending out Christmas cards later and a food shop… but I thought I would stop by and share a few little bits with you anyway! 
I have kinda done two of these posts today because I announced a cover reveal competition earlier so don’t forget to go check that out

Dead Jealous – Sharon Jones 

This is the amazing cover for debut Sharon Jones’ Dead Jealous. Out in July 2013 theres a long wait for this but I reckon it’ll be worth it! Check out the blurb below from Goodreads!

People think of Mother Nature as a gentle lady. They forget that she’s also Death…Sixteen-year-old Poppy St John believes in quantum particles, not tarot cards, in Dawkins, not druids. Last summer, in a boating accident in the Lake District, Poppy had a brush with death. But the girl she finds face down in Scariswater hasn’t been so lucky. As she fights to discover the truth behind what she believes is murder, Poppy is forced to concede that people and things are not always what they seem and, slipping ever deeper into a web of lies, jealousy and heart-stopping danger, she comes to realise – too late – that the one thing that can save her has been right there, all the time.


Rosie Best – Strange Chemisty author

This is Rosie Best, Strange Chemistry’s newest author! SChave signed Rosie for a two book deal after the opening of the first, Skulk, won a place in the Undiscovered Voices anthology. Rosie works for a london based publishing company, Working Partners Ltd, as an editor and has worked with Hot Key Books too. Skulk sounds awesome and I copied in the blurb below thanks to the wonderful guys at SC. 

When Meg witnesses the dying moments of a shapeshifting fox and is given a beautiful and powerful stone, her life changes forever. She is plunged into the dark world of the Skulk, a group of shapeshifting foxes. As she learns about the other groups of shapeshifters that lurk around London – the Rabble, the Horde, the Cluster and the Conspiracy – she becomes aware of a deadly threat against all the shapeshifters. They must put aside all their enmity and hostility and fight together to defeat it.


Christmas Blogging Break

I know I used this last week but I love it!

It’s Christmas time… for many people that means a lot of different things. For me, growing up was seriously strange compared to a lot of other kids. My parents worked 18 hour days in a shop that was attached to our house and there was no getting away from it. Christmas was stressful but also awesome as it was the one day off they (and subsequently I) got a year. So Christmas for me is about taking time out and reflecting on all the good things, spending time with family and friends and my partner. Therefore just to let you know I will be taking a break. 

I am planning a letterbox love post tomorrow then I wont be back until Monday the 31st with a review and then on that Tuesday I am planning a resolutions post, to let you know my reading challenges, and other resolutions for the year. I just want to take this time to let you all know that I really appreciate you reading my blog and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Yule, Winter Solstice, etc and that 2013 starts with a bang! 


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