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Bookish and Bloggish news (#22) including my Christmas card ‘list’…

Hello and welcome to the weekend. I hope you haven’t frozen wherever you are, I think I’m close to it to be honest! Just a couple of things I want to share with you this week, a couple of these are from a few weeks back but hopefully you can still enjoy them! 
Live Webchat with Malorie Blackman 
The Random House teen book Facebook page, FierceBooks, is hosting a live webchat with Noughts and Crosses author Malorie Blackman on Tuesday 18th December. The chat will run between 5pm and 6pm and answers can be submitted prior to the event if for any reason you can’t be there! 
Tickey End website launches 
The wonderful new website from 13 Treasures author Michelle Harrison has finally launched and looks awesome. The site will be home to merchandise from the 13 Treasures series and currently has a couple of products for sale, including a fabulously gorgeous charm bracelet which is a replica of the one mentioned in the books.  
Christmas/Yule/Winter Card list
I want to make this!! (source)
It’s Christmas! 
Last year I sent out Christmas cards to some of my wonderful blogger friends. I really enjoyed sending them out to you all and everything but with this years rise in the cost of stamps I have thought long and hard about sending them this year and have actually decided not to.
Since I started working full time I have been meaning to donate a bit of more to charity every month. This is something I haven’t been able to do due to a combination of not great wages and bills etc. So when I thought about sending Christmas cards out and realised that it would cost me around £15 to do so, I had a better idea. 
This year I am going to send e-cards instead. The e-cards will be free cards from the NSPCC which I get the design for after making a donation. I think that this is a better use for my money and means that instead of giving the Royal Mail £15 to send cards which will be put up for a few weeks then taken down and thrown out, I will send cards electronically and put my money somewhere more worthwhile. I hope no one minds receiving an e-card rather than a physical card and can appreciate my decision to do this, Thank you. 


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