Bookish and Bloggish news (#15)

Good morning *yawns* its early and I’m so tired but was awoken early because of F1, sigh! Anyway some exciting news this way comes, read on to find out more! 


Live Webcast from JK Rowling
JK Rowling will be doing a live webcast at the Bloomsbury Harry Potter website on Thursday 11th October at 5pm. I am very much looking forward to this and will be rushing home very quickly to watch it! JK will be talking about Harry Potter, Hogwarts, Pottermore, and answering questions from school kids all from the comfort of her Edinburgh home. If you miss the event due to work and other commitments you will be able to view it afterwards from the site. 

Katie Dale – Someone Elses Life

The fantastically wonderful Someone Else’s Life has been nominated for the Anobii First Book Award. I read this one a little while ago and LOVED it, I thought it was poignant and wonderfully amazing and Katie definitely deserves the nomination, at the very least. 
Other nominees include Teri Terry’s Slated, Dave Counsin’s 15 Days Without a Head, After the Snow by SD Crockett and Dark Parties by Sara Grant. I’m not even sure what I’m going to vote for with those fantastic books nominated! 
You can see the full list of nominees and vote for your favourite here, follow the links in the book titles to see my reviews. 

Half Lives – Sara Grant
This is the fantastic cover for the next instalment from Sara Grant’s Dark Parties series. I LOVE this cover and think it reminds me of Catch 22 and 1984 and other classical dystopian books. However it is NOT gunna look right next to my copy of Dark Parties, it doesn’t fit with it at all and I’m not entirely sure why the publishers/designers have changed the look of the series so much, maybe the first one got too much stick for not fitting in with the story or something? 
Anyway, even if they don’t fit together I still love this cover and I still cannot wait to read this one when it comes out in May next year. 
Blog News – A few days of guest posts

Just a final thing to let you know that I will be exceptionally busy over the next few weeks. My parents live abroad and are coming over to see the family so I have to go do boring stuff with them, can’t complain really as I only see them once a year! (I’m the baby if you’re wondering… ) 
However the boring stuff means I probably wont be getting many books read and the like so I’m hopefully gunna get some guest posts to fill the blog up from October 15th to 19th at the very least. 
I have a guest review from the wonderful Luisa of Chicklish, a couple of authors have asked to be involved, a wonderful Australian blogger who found me on twitter and a couple of other UK based bloggers have also shown an interest so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and Readaraptor shouldn’t be without posts. 
Thank you so much for everyone who has asked about it and offered to help out, you guys are all awesome! 
That’s it for me, I’m now off to scrub every part of the house before the parents turn up on Tuesday!! 


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