Bookish and Bloggish news (#10)

Hello everyone! This nice weather has me thrown off. I might actually dare to venture outside my house today! Before I do thought I wanted to let you know about an awesome thing thats happening for the UKYA folks at the minute. I haven’t got much else to tall you this week but nevermind!

NPR top 100 YA & UKYA’s top 100 UKYA

Have you heard about NPR’s mission to find the top 100 YA books? Well If not head on over to their website and vote now for your favourites!

On a related note, the wonderful Keris Stainton thought that the UKYA website should try and do something similar, they want to find the top 100 UKYA books, not because there aren’t any UKYA on the NPR list but because they love to celebrate UK based authors.

There is no long/shortlist yet but you can head on over to UKYA and nominate books that you think should be on the UKYA Top 100. I’m so nominating mine this morning!

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