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Bob and Flo: The Missing Bucket – Rebecca Ashdown

Bob and Flo - Rebecca Ashdown“It was Flo’s first day at nursery.

She had a packed lunch and a new bow.”

When Flo starts nursery, she makes sure she is pleasant and polite. She takes with her a new bow and a packed lunch in a bucket. She soon discovers that buckets are made to go missing. Friends are made to be found. 


This was quite possibly the cutest little picture book I have ever read. Its about penguins at nursery, one of which is on their first day, and how they make friends.

Its the perfect book to introduce to a young one starting nursery who is a little scared or wary of the new prospect, and its perfect for anyone who thinks their little one is a bit shy or subdued around others.

Bob and Flo soon become the best of friends and that is told not only through the words on the page but also the pictures throughout the book. The illustrations are simple but very effective and you feel like these cartoon style penguins are alive in front of you.

Flo learns all about what buckets can actually do, and how to make friends, while Bob learns to be nice to others and become someone special to someone special.

The perfect little book about nursery, friendship and where your imagination can take you. I would recommend it to anyone!

Bob and Flo: the Missing Bucket was published by Oxford University Press on October 2014. My copy was loaned from my local library. 

For more info or to buy the book please visit: 

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