We’re off to find a unicorn by Eloise White and Cory Reid
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Blog Tour – We’re Off to Find A Unicorn – Eloise White & Cory Reid

We’ve hunted for bears, elves,and eggs, now we’re hunting for everyone’s favourite – unicorns! Search for the unicorns on each page and find out about the worlds endangered animals along the way.

We’re Off to Find a Unicorn is along the same vein as We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. There is rhyme throughout and you follow a family as they try and find a unicorn. On each page they believe they might have found a unicorn, but find instead an endangered animal. 

Some of the animals they found I wasn’t even sure I’ve even heard of, so they prompted questions from Spike which led to conversations about those animals which was awesome. Spike also loved it because the unicorn the characters were trying to find was hiding amongst the pages, but they couldn’t see it! The perfect tool for making a 4 year old laugh! 

I loved the introduction to the unicorn right at the start and the way that introduction fed into each endangered animal. But most of all I loved that there was so much inclusivity in the book. The family trying to find the unicorn were a mix of ethnicities, and one of them was in a wheelchair. I loved that the author/Illustrator had included this without it being the focal point of the story and how so many young people might read this book and actually see themselves in it. 

We’re Off to Find a Unicorn was a hit with me and Spike. So much so Spike asked for it two bedtimes in a row. Spike loves to learn and I love to help her learn so a book like this was perfect for our family. 

We’re Off to Find a Unicorn was published on 12th November 2019 by Owlet Press. You can find out more and purchase a copy by clicking here.

Disclaimer: My copy of We’re Off to Find a Unicorn was sent to me in exchange for an honest review as part of the books blog tour. The next stop on the tour will be on Instagram tomorrow. Follow #wereofftofindaunicorn or #unicornhunt to catch the whole tour!

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