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Blog Tour: United We Spy by Ally Carter

Today marks the publication of the sixth and final book in the Gallagher Girls Series, United We Spy, and I am proud to be a part of the fantastic blog tour that the UK publishers Orchard have set up.

So you are used to having a blog tour involving the author of said book, I know, however for the UK United We Spy blog tour it was decided to do something a little different. On this tour us bloggers are sharing our love of the Gallagher Girls series with you and especially talking about our favourite characters!

So my post may be a little different to the others on the tour as I am actually a little behind in the series. I have read up to book three, Don’t Judge a Girl by her Cover, but no further. This is because I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy the series and I came to it really late. The books appeared to be really girly and too St Trinian’s sounding for me and I thought I would hate them, thankfuly something told me to give in and read the first book at least… and I instantly feel in love. 
I think the third book was possibly my favourite just for its title because the same is obviously true for this series, you can’t judge it by its covers. My favourite character, Liz, often flies under the radar and I was probably the only person to suggest writing about her in this tour. She is the swot, the brains behind the operation and the pretty blond of the group… but I love her. 
Liz Sutton is undervalued in the series, or at least in the books I have read so far. She is the one is often away off the page because Cammie, Macey and Bex are off doing crazy field work, you don’t see a lot of her but what you do see is awesome and I think thats why she deserves a shout out. She is always there for the girls when they need her the most and to be honest, if it wasn’t for Liz there is no way they would make it out of the situations they find themselves in! 
When you first meet Liz she is summed up in some of the best lines ever and they made me laugh so much, this is why I knew I would love her;

 photo GG6BLOGTOURBanner_zps0f290cd1.jpg“I mean, we’re all technically geniuses and everything, but at age nine, Liz had the highest score on the third grade acheievement tests ever. The government keeps track of that kind of thing, so the summer before seventh grade, her parents got a visit from some big guys in dark suits and three months later, Liz was a Gallagher Girl – just not the kill-a-man-with-her-bare-hands variety.”

but lets not forget:

“Oopsy daisy,’ Liz said, throwing her hand to her mouth.
Sure she knows swear words in fourteen different languages, but when faced with a minor catastrophe, Liz says ‘oopsy daisy’.”

My completely favourite bit about Liz from the books in the series that I have read has to come from book three and it sums Liz up perfectly:

“‘I thought we’d just go through the doors,’ Liz said, flashing three beautifully engraved invitations and some wonderfully authentic fake IDs.
The tickets were $20,000 each. The Secret Service had been vetting the guest list for weeks, so Bex and I stopped beneath a streetlamp and studied Liz.
‘Do I even want to know where you got those?’ I asked.
Liz seemed to ponder it, and then she said, ‘Non/’
And just like that I remembered that Liz was probably the most dangerous one of us all.”

So there are just a few reasons why I love Liz and it you haven’t read any of the books in the series I definitely do recommend! Happy pbulication day to Ally Carter and don’t forget to head on over to Cicely Loves Books tomorrow to read about her favourite characters from Gallagher Girls!

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