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Blog Tour: There Is No Big Bad Wolf In This Story – Lou Carter

There Is No Big Bad Wolf In This Story arrived last week and Spike read it all by herself, proclaiming its brilliance. This was cemented by the fact she wanted me to read it again that night for bedtime. It is a brilliant story and I’m very glad to have Lou Carter on the blog today answering a few questions about writing for kids.

  • What is your favourite part of writing for children? 

For me, the very best part of being a children’s author is when the artwork arrives in my inbox. I’ve been extremely privileged to work with amazing illustrators, Deborah Allwright (Pictured Left), Nikki Dyson, who use my words to bring the most beautiful worlds and adorable characters to life.

  • Where does your inspiration for your books come from? 

I imagine most authors would answer this question in a similar way. Inspiration comes from absolutely everywhere – things I see, smell, snippets of conversations I might hear. For instance, the idea for Pirate Stew came to me when watching one of the shrimps in my son’s fish tank. It appeared to be stationary but when I looked more closely most of its 26 legs were busily working away. Then I wondered if all that cleaning might be irritating for the other tank residents… and so off I went to begin my Scrubadub story. 

  • What books have you read as an adult that you wish you had read as a child? 

As I child I really struggled with reading and so there are actually a great many books I wish I had read back then. I dipped in and out of a few things but never read any whole series. I would like to have read all of the Roald Dahl books and Famous Five series. And I wish all the David Walliams books had been around back then too! 

  • What are your favourite picture books? 

My all time favourite as a child was the Winter Story from the Brambly Hedge series by Jill Barklem. As an adult I love anything by Oliver Jeffers (Stuck is probably my favourite) and Jon Klassen. They are such funny books and the illustrations are always superb.

Lou Carter’s brilliant There Is No Big Bad Wolf In This Story was published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books and is out now! Thanks Lou for stopping by as part of her book tour.

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