Blade: Enemies – Tim Bowler

“So he’s looking at me with his puggy face, the big jerk of a policeman, and I’m thinking take him out or let him live?
Big Question.”

Blade is dangerous, but he’s gotta be when he’s lived on the streets for so long and there’s people after him. He thought he was playing dead, he thought he was safe. But they’ve found out where he’s hiding and they’re narrowing their search. He’s got to be careful, know who to trust and who not to. Though that shouldn’t be hard, blade trusts no-one. 


If you want a hard-hitting, action packed thriller fora story Blade is definitely your kinda thing. I read this in two short sittings and struggled putting it down the first time. Blade is definitely one to grab the boys and I think it would be great for reluctant readers of around 14/15.

The story follows Blade, we never know his real name – that’s as close to one he has – a homeless fourteen year old boy. His names Blade because he’s good with one, hes had a rough life and when we meet him its not about to get any better. With people from his past trying to find him and a local gang hellbent on messing him up he has to be careful. When some guys turn up who plan on taking him back to what hes been hiding from for the past three years things really mess up and his life changes dramatically. One for being alone hes suddenly taken on not only one but two companions – Becky from the rival locals and her three year old daughter.

I loved how action packed the story was, it never slowed down for a minute and you really got the feeling of being on edge the entire way through. It was such a terrible story because of Blades unfortunate situation and you really get to grips with his character and how hes handled himself, and brought himself up. You catch glimpses of his past but that’s about it, the book is very much set in the present.

The writing is what made this book so hard to put down. The narration is told from Blade’s point of view and in a way that puts you in the story. The reader is actually spoken to directly and even given a name “Bigeyes.” This really brought you into the story and is the main reason why I think this book would be great for reluctant readers. Its not hard to read at all, flows really well and grabs you by the scruff of the neck.

The characters in this book aren’t likeable. Blade, Becky and Jaz, Becky’s daughter, are amazing but other than that you come across some nasty people. Theres death, destruction, thieving and other violent acts so this is definitely not one for kids of too young an age. However I definitely think these are points which will make this book more interesting for certain readers of its target age group and the topics are handled really well. I would definitely recomend this book to kids and think its a must for any school library!!

My only issue with this book is that it left too many questions left unanswered, there are at least another 3 titles in the series, so I want to know more! Its definitely not one to read when you don’t have the rest sat next to you waiting because I’m itching to know what happens next!!

Blade: Enemies is the first in the Blade series by Tim Bowler. It is a reissue of the originally titled Blade: Playing Dead and was released on February 2nd by Oxford University Press. Thank you to the publisher for offering me a review copy, this has in no way affected my thoughts on this book. 

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