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Between the Lives – Jessica Shirvington

“I am a liar. 
Not compulsive. 
Simply required. 
I am two people. Neither better than the other, no superpowers, no mystical destinies, no two-places-in-one-time mechanism – but two people. Different in ways fundamental, even though at the most basic level I look the same. My physical attributes, my memory and my name follow me. For the past eighteen years, everything else, everything, about me is different.” 

Every 24 hours Sabine shifts into a different life. In one she has a perfect boyfriend, perfect grades a what would seem like the perfect, all-american life. In the other she is viewed as a reckless delinquent by most, with only her little sister and best friend helping her through the day. Nothing about her situation has ever changed, she shifts each night at midnight, she is the same person but her life has changed completely. Until one day when she shifts and for the first time her physical attributes have changed. She no longer has the broken arm from her other life and it changes everything. She begins a series of increasingly risky experiments that bring her dangerously close to the life she’s always wanted. But she must chose one life other then other, which one will it be? 

What an incredible, thought-provoking read! Between the Lives is yet another book I couldn’t put down, where I had to keep reading to see what would happen and if there was an explanation as to why these things were going on in Sabine’s life, or lives! 
The story was incredible and I loved the way it was told with the perspective shifting along with Sabine. It was insane that she was almost two separate characters who you follow as one and that is an impressive thing for the author to have done because it was always in my mind that despite the two Sabines being different, they were the same. I knew which life I preferred and that was actually the Roxbury one, even after what happens happens, but I can see why it would be so hard to make a choice. 
The characters were interesting but to be honest they didn’t have much going on about them. The ‘Roxbury’ story turned into a bit of a love story, but with psychological aspect. The things that Sabine experiences in that life are much more shocking and thought-provoking than the other life. However the other life – the Wellesley life – was interesting too, showing the more real side of a teenagers life and how much expectations can weigh a person down and that kind of thing. 
There were a lot of questions brought about within this book and whilst most of them were to do with the idea of having a second life and what it meant and how it was possible – I’m still not convinced whether it was real or not – there were some that could quite possible crop up in an everyday persons life, especially when it came to family and relationships. I like that this book made me think and even though there were some things I didn’t enjoy about it there were a lot I did. 
Between the Lives was published on August 7th by Orchard Books. My copy was sent to me for an honest review. 

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  • Jenn Renee

    This does sound like an incredible read. I didn’t have it on my radar but I am adding now. I love a good psychological read. Its been my new favorite read lately. Great review.

  • Anya

    I really liked this, for pretty much the same reasons as you! One thing I couldn’t understand was how Sabine thought the rich girl life was the one she wanted to stay in – her boyfriend was awful, not a good relationship with her brothers or parents – even before Ethan, I don’t know why she wanted that one more. But the ending made up for the weirdness, I think. It broke my heart!

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