Betrayal – Lee Nichols

**beware, whilst I do try and be as careful as possible this review will contain SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES: DECEPTION**

“It’s not easy watching a friend get buried, especially
when you were responsible for his death.
‘We are here today to mourn the untimely passing of Coby
Jameson Anders. Sixteen years old, honor student, high school quarterback,
beloved son and friend.’
Following the death of one of her best friends, Emma is
an outcast around the school. With the impending loss of his powers if he and
Emma get closer, Bennett decides to leave Emma and Natalie in Echo Point and go
of on his own. As minors The Knell, ghostkeeper headquarters, send two ghostkeepers, Simon and Lukas, to
help the girls train for any issues now that Neos, an evil spirit, is after
Emma. With all this mess how will Emma cope when she finds out that she has been
betrayed by the last person she thought would betray her?

 If you follow this blog you will know that
on Monday I posted a review of the first in the Haunting Emma series,
Deception, and loved it. Betrayal is the follow on from that and I have to say
that it is just as good as the first!
I loved just how perfect the titles are in this series, I
can get a feel for exactly what’s going to happen just from them but it’s not
in a way that’s too spoiler-y or too revealing. Betrayal obviously includes a
lot of misery following the death of Coby but at the same time the death
actually made me like Emma more.
Emma character actually felt real and not annoying in
Betrayal. When I read Deception I got really annoyed at her, it was all about
boys and stuff, and yes there was quite a bit about Bennett in this one but still…
I can let her off that! I loved the two new additions to the story too, Simon
and Lukas, they were awesome!
The story was immense and I don’t want to say too much
about it as I don’t want to spoil anything. Emma is an outcast as Harry and
Sara are convinced she played a part in Coby’s death… that she was the reason
he killed himself. Emma has all this to deal with whilst also knowing that
Neos, the big bad evil guy, is after her too. This makes it exceptionally hard
for Emma to trust anyone. This book is all about trust and development, not
only for Emma but for others too. I also have to add that although there is another
coming from this series I really like the way they don’t actually end with
really huge cliff-hangers. I think I would have cried into next year if this
one finished too dramatically!
I said it last time but the setting for this series is perfect
and Nichols’ writing is amazing. I can visualise everything so clearly because
of the way she writes and there’s one specific part in this book that I could
feel myself wander through right next to Emma.
The Haunting Emma series is a brilliant ghost story that
makes you shiver and cry out all the way through. However with the addition of
brilliant characters you also get a bit of light-heartedness and I have to say
there are a fair few laugh out loud moments in this book. I would really
recommend this series to anyone who enjoys paranormal stories, especially when
dabbled with a bit of romance!
The first two books in the Haunting Emma are out now,
published by Bloomsbury. The third will be released next year under the title
Surrender. My copy was sent to me for review by the publisher. 


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