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Beautiful Creatures: The official Illustrated Movie Companion – Mark Cotta Vaz

Explore the making of the film Beautiful Creatures in this ultimate visual companion, lavishly illustrated with full-colour photos of the cast, locations, and sets. This beautiful paperback edition celebrates the on-screen creation of Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s fascinating world, brought to life by screenwriter and director Richard LaGravenese. 

With never-before-seen images, exclusive interviews and personal stories, Mark Cotta Vaz takes you behind the scenes with cast and crew, uncovering intimate details of the filmmaking process

I have never really read one of these books before. I was bought From Page to Screen, the Harry Potter companion, for my birthday and have only got a few pages in as its quite large. This, the Official Movie Companion to Beautiful Creatures is only around 150 pages and offers a really interesting insight to the world of creating a movie.
Beautiful Creatures is one of my favourite books, I have only read the first two in the Caster Chronicles series but they have left a firm imprint in my mind as being brilliant. The first follows Lena, a Castor, as she nears her 16th birthday, she has been sent to live with her Uncle, Macon, for protection and once she reaches 16 she will be claimed. The decision isn’t the only thing effecting her life at the moment though, once she gets into Gatlin, she needs to also lead a normal life and she soon catches the eye of local boy Ethan. The story is dark and twisted and there are many layers to it all so the movie will have a lot to fit into it. 
This Illustrated Movie Companion shows how the director, and screenwriter, Richard LaGravenese has transformed a brilliant story from its life as a novel to a fully formed film. The effects behind the magic in the film, the casting, the costumes, hair and make-up, it was all explored in this companion and the insight it offers is brilliant. 
I am fascinated with how movies are made but very rarely look into any behind-the-scenes stuff but after reading this I think I am going to have to start. The technology behind some of the effects in the movie is as magical as that Lena casts in the book, and its very real. The thing that mesmerised me the most was the spinning dining room sene, which was brilliant to read about but when I saw it in the trailer I assumed it was just green-screened. However reading the movie companion has taught me that the dining room really spun in filming and it was all really done, it was completely fascinating! 
I think I’ll appreciate the movie more after reading this companion, and I was all set to love the movie anyway… I’m still not convinced Alden Ehrenreich is right to play Ethan but his quotes about the filming of the movie were brilliant, as were all the actor insights which we got.
The images, from the movie and the making of the movie were brilliant and I loved the entire chapter focused on the make-up and costume design for Lena’s Claiming and cannot wait to see that come to life on the big screen! I really did love reading all about the making of Beautiful Creatures and would recommend anyone who is looking forward to the movie as much as I am to read this companion! 
Beautiful Creatures: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion was published by Penguin on January 2nd. The movie Beautiful Creatures, based on the book by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, will be in cinemas from 13th February. My copy of this book was sent in exchange for an honest review from the publishers. 

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