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Bad days result in good things

So yesterday I was at work. A woman called about a feature I’d written for the magazine I work at. She spoke to me for a little while then went to read my feature and make sure it was ok. 
An hour or so later she called back to speak to the sales rep who set up her feature. She told him that the feature was terrible and wanted the editor to completely re-write it. My editor couldn’t believe it, she picked up my feature and read it, saying that it was good, read well and was exactly what it should have been; a company profile. I hadn’t written anything negative about the company, the woman just hadn’t told us what she’d wanted.
It really upset me that this woman complained about my writing. However its not really the fact that she complained that upset me. Its more about the fact that she went around me to complain. She made it look like I wasn’t doing my job properly and its like she was trying to get me into trouble. I don’t understand why some people get a kick out of making others look bad. She could have called me and explained what she wanted and I could have fixed it! 
I’m going to try and forget about it, carry on and hopefully not get any more complaints. I do think that next time I pick up a company profile though my confidence will be shattered a bit and I’ll be nervous about the outcome of it. All because of that one woman. 
This woman did however made me think about my writing and how I am still just getting back into it. I mean throughout uni I did write but only essays and noone wants to read an essay in a magazine or on a blog (although i know this is starting to look pretty essayish!) so I’m gunna try and write so much more than I have been doing lately. I am going to go and read in a minute and hopefully finish my current book. I’m also going to try and post other bookish type stuffs as often as I can. I’m going to focuss my upset into good things and get my writing to be the best its ever been. 
And I hope that she doesn’t like my bosses feature either cos my boss will well go Jackie Chan on her ass if she doesn’t! 
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