Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick – Joe Schreiber: Early Review

“’You shoot me’ I said.

I was lying on my stomach, wondering if I was going to pass out from the pain. Twenty feet away she stood with the machine pistol in one hand and the sawed-off shotgun in the other, wiping the blood out of her eyes”
Perry was just your average guy, on the debate team, in a band, working part time in his dads office for his letter of recognition for Columbia. Gobi was the foreign exchange student, staying with Perry’s family, keeping herself to herself, not saying much and having strange fits every now and then. The two of them didn’t really talk, Perry tried but Gobi just shut him out. Then Perry’s mum makes him take Gobi to the prom. They say your prom night is one you’ll remember forever… when you share it with a trained assassin, they are right!

Can I just start out by saying that I read this book for the title alone; as soon as I read that title I knew I had to get my mitts on the book itself and I knew it would be brilliant. I wasn’t wrong, Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick chucks you into the action at the deep end and keeps you jumping throughout.
The plot of the book is simple yet brilliant. Perry’s family takes Gobi in as a foreign exchange student, shes quiet and very ordinary looking yet she turns out to be a female assassin, and that’s when the fun starts! She has five hits to do on prom night, I wont give too much away but her five hits mean that we get to see a lot of new York, a lot of bad guys and a lot of fast driving! The background to Gobi and how she became the assassin we see and love in this book unravels slowly but really well and I loved every minute of it.
My one downside of this book is that the beginning is a little too slow. The Prologue put us right at th end of the story and the first chapter took us right to the beginning, but that difference in Perrys voice, in his attitude and the slow pace after the action packed prologue made me wonder when the fun stuff was going to start. I had to wait 40 pages or so until the fun started and that 40 pages dragged for me… after that though, brilliant!
I have to say that the writing really impressed me after that 40 pages though. It felt like I was reading the story from a movie and it was playing out in my head as I was reading and when we started getting more of Gobi and her personality I was amazed, I know I shouldn’t be shocked when a male author manages to get a female character so right but I was with Joe Schreiber and Gobi!
The characters really made this story for me. Perry at first was a sap, walked over by his father and the point of all the piss taking from his friends. Gobi didnt really have a personality at the beginning of the book because of how quiet she was. Both characters developed amazingly well during the course of this one night and I loved them for it. I had visions of me having to throw the book across the room if Perry didn’t grow some balls but he kinda did so I’m so happy! Perry’s little sister was awesome too; even though we didn’t get to see much of her I really liked her. There aren’t many characters in this book, not big ones anyway but I can pick out all the individual little ones and have something to say about them, their personalities really came through even though they were only on a few pages.
As you can see I really enjoyed this book, there was just the right mixture of humour, action and emotion in it all and that ending? Well wow! It’s pretty spectacular! I really want to see Au Revoir, on the big screen because I think it’ll work brilliantly! If you like really great writing, humour, action and kick ass female leads then this book is definitely for you!

Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick is Joe Schreiber’s first venture into stand-alone fiction after many books based in the Star Wars and Supernatural worlds. It is published through Egmont’s Electric Monkey imprint in March. My copy was obtained through UK Book Tours, thanks Emma!


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