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Anyone But You – Kim Askew & Amy Helmes

“I took a deep breath and backed through the swinging stainless steel door, leaving the chaos of the kitchen and entering the hushed, dimly lit dining room. Our sound system piped in Dean Martin’s “You’re Nobody Til Some-body Loves You” for no less than the fifth time that night. What a horrible sentiment, I thought, surveying the all-too-familar scene.” 

Gigi Caputo has been working in her family’s restaurant for as long as she can remember, and one day her father dreams it will all be hers. Cap’s has been passed down through the generations so its only right that Gigi takes it on as the sole child of the remaining Caputo. She has her reservations about taking it on but following competition from Monte’s, a rival italian restaurant who’s owners are her family’s greatest opponents and sabotage from the younger Monte’s Cap’s may not be around for much longer. One evening Gigi finds herself arm in arm with a handsome stranger and its not until its too late when she discovers his true identity. It would seem that her first love is the son of her fathers biggest rival, and together they try and piece together the reasons as to why the families have been at each others throats for as long as any of them can remember. 
This is the third book in the Twisted Lit series, a collection based on the plays of shakespeare, remastered into the modern world, and I can only say that it has made me want to read the others. 
Not following on from the previous books, Anyone But You is a retelling of the famous Romeo and Juliet, and is just as fantastic I imagined it to be. The story takes place in Chicago and is actually told in split narrative, one perspective being Gigi’s and the other being Roman’s Great-Grandfather. I loved the way the two stories were told because the older one was directly responsible for the situation of Gigi’s life and it was great to have the knowledge of what had gone on. I wasn’t expecting that and it was a great way to tell the story. 
The characters were brilliant and although I didn’t like the insta-love (I guess it was there because lets face it Romeo and Juliet had the biggest insta-love any story could ever have – they knew each other for like four days or something stupid before they *spoiler if you don’t know the original story* died for each other) but I got over it for reasons in the brackets… I also didn’t like how wet and walked-all-over Gigi was but I liked that she stood up for herself a bit more in the end. My favourite characters were most definitely Chef and Carmen though as I adored the relationship Chef and Gigi had going on and I loved the backstory with Carmen. 
I pretty much devoured this book in one sitting and couldn’t put it down, its not long but it is great and I really would recommend it, especially for any lovers of Romeo and Juliet who like contemporary fiction too. The authors make a great team and you really can’t tell that more than one person wrote the book at all. I loved the writing and it flowed really well. There were a couple of hiccoughs in my copy but as it was a proof I’m guessing these will have been straightened out in the printed editions. Needless to say I am definitely going to try and make a start on the other Twisted Lit books now and think that you should too readers. 

Anyone But You was published my Merit Press on January 31st. My copy was sent from the authors in exchange for an honest review. 

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