Another non-bookish post – What really bugs me

I’m not an angry person. I’m calm, relaxed and pretty damn laid back. To be honest I usually don’t let things bug me but today I had some pretty crap news that I wont go into here. Basically I’ll just say that it’s made me think about the future and where I’m gunna end up and stuff.
What has really miffed me though is looking at stuff online and realised that pretty much everything I ever wanna do is in London. When I started looking for jobs after uni, they were all either in London or down south. When I want to go to book festivals and stuff like that, London. Exhibitions that would be so much fun to go to; London.
It really annoys me that London, and the south, seem to get the good stuff (with the exception of higher costs of living, I guess that does suck!) I looked into going to some shows, conventions and stuff and they’re either in London or Birmingham. I’m going to try and go to the Eurogamer expo in London in September, at the minute I reckon train tickets, if bought in advance should be around 50 quid… however looking for a place to stay…. thats looking to be expensive!! If only people would put these things on up here, or somewhere in the middle, it might be a bit cheaper to stay somewhere!
My career is in magazine journalism, I feel at home in magazine journalism, and although I get so bored of writing about street lights and ready mix concrete right now, I do want a future in this field. I have things tying me to the north, and to be honest I like the north, but it would seem that the north and magazine journalism don’t go well together. Nearly every job I’ve come across over the past year or so, has been in London or down south, or writing for medical journals (which I ain’t qualified for!) I’m so sick of seeing jobs then realising that they are hundreds of miles away so there’s no point in looking… Hopefully in a few years I’ll say feck it and just move… but I know my heart will always be up north

Sorry for the rant, and by the way… this is in no way a dig at Londoners or people from the south…. I know you guys are lovely, it’s not your fault everything down there, I hope you don’t see it like that!

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  • bluecloverbelle

    Yeah, i totally know the feeling! All decent publishing jobs are in London and the South and at some point i will have to move down there! Luckily i managed to get a work placement at a publishers in Edinburgh, so there’s the odd decent publishing house up North!

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