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An update on my isolation to be read pile

So we’ve been in lockdown in the UK for just over 8 weeks, I think. To be honest it could be less – it could be more. I lost track somewhere around week 4. It feels like – in Spike’s words – it’s been at least 91 weeks now. But the good thing to come of it? I smashed my reading list!

My Isolation to be read pile 

I shared with you this pile of books towards the start of isolation. I started them all, bar Juniper Lemon’s Hapiness Index, after lockdown was announced on March 23rd. I was looking forward to every book on the pile and the extra reading time I would get. 

Reading amongst homeschooling 

Spike was often sick of my face after a morning of homeschool so at first I was doing really well. On average it took about 2 days to read each book. Then I started thinking that maybe I was reading too quick and looked for something to share the time. So I start playing animal crossing and alas – that took over! 

How I’ve got on

As I say, I got to around half way through April and was reading loads. It took a little over a week to read all 5 Noughts and Crosses books. It was amazing to dive into that series again and I remembered so much of it but so little too. I then picked up my non-fiction book, which always takes me a little longer. But a week later I’d completed that too. The Hunger Games was a little slower going but my thoughts on revisiting that series are coming in a later post. 

An addition to the pile

I was sent some great books in the last few weeks. So I added 44 Little Secrets to the pile of books to be read as it sounded cute. It was, and it took me about 2 hours to read too! Then I started The Book Of Dust Volume 1 which is where I am up to now. It’s taking some doing but I know from my reading of His Dark Materials that Pullman always takes me a little longer. I absolutely love it though. Pullman is a fantastic author and one I would recommend to anyone! 

Next books to be read 

As it doesn’t look like I’ll be back at work any time soon (#furloughlife #savetourism) I have started to think about what to read next. Like I say, Animal Crossing is taking over a little and I’m still doing my Digital Marketing Course. On top of that its Spike’s birthday soon – but I am loving reading so much at the minute. Once I’ve got a solid pile in place – I will share it with you! 

Have you managed to read more during lockdown? I’d love to know what your favourite has been. 

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