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An Island of Our Own – Sally Nichols

An Island of our Own - Sally Nichols “I told my brother Jonathan I was going to write a book about all the things that happened to us last year. About the homemade spaceships, and the lock-pickers, and the thermal lancase, and the exploding dishwasher, and the island that was old when the Vikings came, and Auntie Irene’s treasure, and all the things that happened before we found it. 

‘It’s going to be brilliant!’ I told him. ‘And I’ve already got a title. An Island of Our Own! Isn’t it great?’

‘But we don’t have an island of our own,’ said Jonathan. ‘People are going to pick it up and expect it to be Swallows and Amazons for rich people!’ 

Since their mum died things have been pretty rubbish for Holly and her two brothers Jonathan and Davy. Whilst Jonathan is trying his best to raise them, he is only 19, has had to give up so much, and still doesn’t have anything to really offer them. The moneys tight and the house is a state, and when Sebastian the Rabbit gets ill they know they need some money and fast. Then their Auntie Irene dies and leaves clues to some sort of treasure she has hidden, can this adventure lead to a solution that fixes all their problems or was Auntie Irene as eccentric as people keep telling them she was? 


Ok I have never picked up a Sally Nichols Book before and I know thats rubbish of me. I have heard amazing things about her work but never got round to it, until An Island of Our Own dropped through my door and I thought it would make for a good addition to my #readUKYA readathon tbr pile!

Thankfully I wasn’t wrong and I was quickly whisked into the big adventure that Holly, Davy and Jonathan embarked on! Their story wasn’t a nice happy one, but thankfully the events in An Island of Our Own managed to convince me that with the right people in your life, happiness really can be found in the darkest of times. The family are struggling financially, bringing about snappiness and sadness, even all doing their best things keep going wrong so the possibility of Auntie Irene making things better is something Holly really wants to believe in.

Holly’s can-do attitude is what I loved the most about this book. She’s got that air of innocence that a younger character sometimes does without coming across as naive and actually in places sounding very mature for her age. I think because of her narration and the way the book is written – like a book within a book – An Island of Our Own is catered more towards the younger end of the YA market but I honestly think that many readers will love this book regardless of their age.

There is something very carefree about this book which is excellent considering the very serious topics it addresses the whole way through. Its kept quite realistic too, excluding the actual thing with Auntie Irene and the photos because I doubt that would be done often! I honestly thought that everything they did and the way it was done was brilliant and I particularly loved the Makerspace and how friendly everyone was there and how they rallied round for each other. There will be a lot of places like that around the country that don’t get any recognition for the brilliant community they offer to people of all ages.

I couldn’t get enough of An Island of Our Own and I speed-read my way through it very quickly. Its not a long book but a great one all the same and its definitely convinced me to read more by this wonderful author who I keep hearing so much about!

An Island of Our Own was published on April 2nd by Scholastic. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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