An Apology

Sorry I didn’t post anything today guys… I was meant to post a bookish destination, which I was meant to write last night… but I didn’t.

Truth is I feel I’ve been a bit distracted from blogging recently anyway… I am reading and writing reviews and posting them but I am lacking in commenting and visiting peoples blogs and I’m very sorry for this. However I don’t think it’s going to improve, sorry.

I got some news at work yesterday which MIGHT change things for me in the next year. There are a lot of things come from this news that I’ve started thinking about for myself and I hate the conclusion that I have come to because of this one thing but its the only thing that I can think about. I’m rambling, sorry, I’m trying to gather together my thoughts but its confusing me.

Basically I have realised that I am now an adult at 23 and there are certain things I want to achieve. I’ve always been very ambitious and sometimes I think this is a curse (I blame my father… he always told us if we go for something hard enough; we’ll get it!). I keep thinking about things I want to do but cant because of certain situations and I cant do anything about that within the next few years I don’t think. Whats more is the news I got at work wont properly effect me for another 6 months and I know its gunna be on my mind til the conclusion comes…

Anyway.. I’ll stop being cryptic. I’m off work next week and Im hoping to get some of my non review posts scheduled for the future… I’ll try and do better with commenting too guys! I hope you don’t mind!


  • Book Angel Emma

    Sweetheart you really don’t have to apologise. I hope everything is OK and ambition is a good thing.
    Don’t stress yourself out with worrying about commenting and visiting blogs and post when you are able – we will all still be here for you πŸ˜€

  • SisterSpooky

    sending you the biggest virtual hug ever! think i may even have to give you a real one next week so you have something to look forward to there because i don’t give out hugs that easy!

  • SusanKMann

    You do not need to apologise in the slightest. Life comes first and you clearly have some things on your mind which you have to work through. If you ever want someone to talk to, I am here for you. Big hugs xx

  • Hanna

    Oh please – like anyone could be annoyed after you posted the ‘I’m dino-sorry’ graphic. I think I even did a squee expression…

    Anyway, don’t worry about it. Your ACTUAL life comes before your online one πŸ™‚

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