All My Friends are Still Dead – Avery Monsen and Jory John

Do you ever feel alone? Like nobody understands you? Like you’re the last of your kind? 
Well cheer up, Weepie Sobstory! All my friends are still dead is here to help! 
Here, for your amusement and consolation, are the illustrated existential problems of robots, goldfish, lottery tickets, dental flood, batteries and others as they come to grips with the inevitable. 

Here’s something different for today!! 
So this will be a quick review but that doesnt mean that I didn’t like this book, it’s just a small book. 
Designed as a humourous gift book, All my Friends are Still Dead is an update to All my Friends are Dead. The covers feature dinosaurs so obviously my interest was piqued right from the start. All My Friends are Still Dead features a few new characters which talk about being alone, including an adorable robot, a pet Goldfish who’s friends are all replacable and a lottery ticket who’s friends are all losers. 
You will not be able to flick through this book and not giggle, some of the characters you meet are so funny and some are just heart breaking. I think my favourite had to be the robot but Death was brilliant too, obviously he has problems making friends!! 

My one problem with this book was that it didn’t feature enough dinosaurs, but they’re a bigger thing in the first so I can’t complain really can I?! 
If you want a small gift for a friend – like a secret santa style gift then this book is great for anyone with a certain esnse of humour. I have to say that the reader has to be able to have a laugh about death and friendship and All My Friends are Still Dead isn’t to be taken too seriously but with great illustrations and witty one liners this book really is a little gem. 
All My Friends are Still Dead is a follow-on from Ali My Friends are Dead and was published in April 2012 by Chronicle Books. My copy was sent as a gift. 
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