After Obsession – Carrie Jones and Steven E Wedel

“You are mine.
You all will be mine.
These are the words I hear every single freaking morning
since my friend Courtney’s dad died. They slither around inside my brain all
day until I think I’m going crazy, and today is no exception.”
Aimee dreams strange dreams, like people dying, that
often come true. Alan, trying to stick true to his father’s Native American culture,
has his own totem, Onawa, and when she warns him of danger he knows something
is not right in this small town. Courtney hasn’t been right since her dad’s boat
was wrecked and all the men aboard were lost at sea. Everyone’s convinced that
they are dead but Courtney refuses to believe this. When Courtney starts acting
strange and talking about some man Aimee and Alan have to be there to help her,
but who is this man and what does he want?

First of all I have to warn you of one thing; DO NOT READ
THIS BEFORE BED! I made that mistake and it took me two hours, yes two hours,
to get to sleep!!
Wow, this is one demon story that will stick with you for
a long time. I haven’t read much by the way of demons so this one was pretty
unique to me and I loved It, the atmosphere was built up so well and you could
just imagine the whole thing unveiling before your eyes. The story was so
gripping and I honestly couldn’t put it down because of how intriguing it was! You’re
put in this world where everything seems so normal and theres just a few people
who know that not everything is as it seems. Because the story is told through
these people’s eyes you need to know what’s happening to everyone else, you have
to go along with them to balance everything else out. It was one hell of a
The characters made this story, obviously certain things wouldn’t
have happened had the characters not had their twisted backgrounds and their strength,
but the characters were also so, so real and brilliant too that the whole story
was just amazing to read. Aimee was amazingly strong and kick-ass, growing up
in a house of “menfolk” will do that to you though! And Alan, well… I loved
that he obviously loved his family so much and wanted to protect them, I loved
that he had a sense of humour despite everything and I love that he never gave
up and always wanted to stick to his roots. I could have read about him for days
and not have gotten bored I reckon!
After Obsession is extremely spooky in places, though in
others its hilariously funny! Especially bits involving parents! Alan’s mum and
Alan have to be the funniest bit… you’ll know which bit I’m talking about if
you read it! And overall it was a brilliant book. I had a few niggles in that I
thought there’d be more importance placed on Courtney’s dad. I’m also kinda
annoyed at the whole insta-love thing but I think that it was kinda the powers
that be that put Aimee and Alan together… even though Im not religious!
I would seriously recommend After Obsession to anyone who
loves a good paranormal. It was fast paced, action packed and spooky, with a
bit of romance throw in for good measure of course! I think the collaboration
worked really well and the whole book just flowed really smoothly. I would definitely
pick up more by these two authors working together.
After Obsession is due for release on Monday 5th
September; published by Bloomsbury Books. Thank you to the publisher for
sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review. 


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