Adorkable – Sarra Manning

“‘We need to talk,’ Michael Lee told me firmly when I stepped out of the makeshift changing room at the St Jude’s jumble sale, which was actually four curtained rails arranged in a square, to have a good preen in front of a clouded mirror.”
Jeane was happy, she had half a million follower on twitter, a blog and her own lifestyle brand that was fast becoming an international phenomenon and a boyfriend who, well… he was nice enough. Then Michael Lee came along. Star of the school, the stage, even the football team, Michael had it all, even the beautiful airhead girlfriend. Then he noticed something between Barney and Scarlett. When the two couples fall apart is it possible that Jeanes ex boyfriend and his ex girlfriend are better suited with each other? And if so, why does that mean Jeane and Michael keep ending up snogging too? 

I don’t think I can put my love for this book into coherent sentences. I seriously don’t think I can, so I’m going to try and write a letter to Adorkable instead…. 
Dear Adorkable,
I knew I’d love you from the minute I saw your title and your authors name. Sarra has been a favourite of mine since I was a teen myself. Pretty Things and Guitar Girl were amazing, but those, your big sisters in a way, are nothing compared to you. 
You are sweet, funny, crude and oh so real. I could relate to Jeane more than I’ve ever been able to relate to a main character and I thank you for letting her take centre stage. Jeane’s a strong willed girl but theres only so much strong will a girl can have when she’s 17 and alone, I know that. 
I loved how brutally honest you were with the portrayal of families and how different people have different families, including those who have more friend-families than real ones. I loved how Jeane had so many online friends because in all honesty, I have more of those than ‘real life’ friends too. And lets not forget the feminism and sex stuff… ahh what a breath of fresh air. The way you handle sex is awesome especially, its not always love-y dove-y and its not always well thought out, and thats not always a shocking awful thing. 
Thank you for also letting Michael share the stage and have his side of the story included. I’m a big fan of split-narrative in books and I think you did it so well. The two voices were so different that I never had problems confusing them and it really helped me understand why Michael was the way he was… which was lovely, most of the time. 
I loved the way the story panned out and all the things that Jeane and Michael experienced on the way, Michaels family were so lovely and even his group of friends could be pretty nice, except Heidi, why did you have to let her spoil things Adorkable… I probably could have done without her. Saying that though, Jeane’s friends were even better and I loved the relationship she had with Molly, Ben and Gustav. They were quirky and a variation of personalities, which as I’ve got older I’ve discovered is what your friendship group does actually turn out to be the case. 
Most of all I loved how you show that people have to be true to themselves. They shouldn’t let others influence them too much and they should be who they want to be. If they aren’t with the right person or in the right group of friends then they shouldn’t stay there. If they aren’t being honest about who they are then the should be because they’ll be happier. Thats something I struggled with a lot as a teen and I really wish I had you to help guide my way back then. 
I really hope that so many teen girls and boys read you and fall in love the way I did. 
Sorry for the gushy love letter… I will stop now and go search for some plaid golf shorts on ebay, because they truly sound amazing! 
Yours forever,

Adorkable was published on May 24th by Atom. My copy was purchased from the Waterstones website. 


  • Erin W.

    This is the first review I’ve read for this book which is nice. I was on the fence whether or not to read this, though it definitely sounds like a fun book. Anyway fab gushy love letter! LOL.

  • Book Angel Emma

    I love this – what a fab idea to write a letter. I’m struggling to write my review cos I loved it so much too 😀 I actually stayed up all night reading it.
    Once again I totally <3 what you did with the letter <3 <3 <3

  • Cicely

    I love this review! And I love this book! I think Jeane would so approve of you writing a letter to express your love for it 🙂

  • Julianne

    Fantastic review! I have no idea how I’m going to review Adorkable in a reasonable manner. I finished it weeeeks ago and I’m still thinking about how wonderful it is. Picking it up to re-read bits, etc.

  • Nomes

    Fact: i wasnt going to read this as i was turned off by the title. Adorkable is too cheesy and twee for my tastes


    now you have me wanting to snatch a copy up for myself 🙂

    x Nomes

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