About Readaraptor

Hi, I’m Raimy.

I started this wee blog almost 10 years ago and I know a number of people are still reading from the early days. Thanks if that is you!

For those of you new round here, hello! Let me tell you a little about myself.

I’m an avid book reader, and I’m slightly obsessed with dinosaurs. There’s nothing wrong with that though, right?

Reading YA used to be my number 1 thing in the world. Much to my boyfriends dismay. But a few years ago a little person joined my life and things changed. I get less time to read the things I want to read and spend more and more time cleaning up and reading picture books to her.

I don’t mind though, in fact I really enjoy it. I blog about my life with Spike over at Readaraptor Hatchling, just in case you are interested. But if you are all about the books, stick around here for book reviews, author interviews, book discussions and more.