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A Witch Alone – Ruth Warburton

***Please note that this is the third in the Winter Trilogy and therefore may contain spoilers for the previous two books.***

“It was dark, but I could tell someone was there as soon as I opened the barn door. 
‘Hello?’ My voice echoed in the rafters. ‘Hello?’

I waited for a moment, listening. Nothing. But I wasn’t alone. I didn’t need witchcraft to tell me that; someone was there – a living, breathing someone – and the knowledge made the hair on the back of my neck prickle.”

Anna is alone now, Seth has gone, left her behind and nothing can bring him back. She still has her father but he can’t know about everything in her witchcraft side of life. She still has Abe and Em but they can’t even begin to understand what she’s going through. When Anna realises that to find herself she must uncover what happened to her Mother she knows it may not be a great idea. Then what turns into a dangerous mission keeps putting Anna in more and more life-threatening situations. Anna delves further and further into her, and her mothers, past, but will that help things or just make them worse?

This is the third and final book in the Winter series, and I think I loved it even more than the previous two. With Anna as desperate as she was to uncover the truth she left very little breathing space and the book was as fast paced, breath taking adventure story with a whole lot of romance mixed in. 
The story starts a few months after the events of A Witch in Love, Anna has lost Seth and she knows that people will carry on coming after her. She needs to know why and that is what prompts her to search through the past. Things are never as they seem though and Anna uncovers more and more terrible things. There are so many revelations and twists and turns that they made my head spin, but they were still easy to follow and made the book so much more meaty that I loved them.
I have to say that I definitely enjoyed A Witch Alone more than the second book which, whilst it was great, it didn’t excite me as much as this or A Witch in Winter, the return of Em really made this book for me as I really love her and the further introduction of Marcus. I loved that there were so many people in A Witch Alone that you weren’t sure about, Anna knew there was a spy in the Ealdwitan midst and I loved how that was also at the forefront of my own mind, even if it wasn’t there on Anna’s. I was constantly thinking ‘is that who they say they are?’ “are they telling the truth?’ It got so bad that for a while I thought it was Anna’s grandmother who was the spy and she was just doing a very good impression of hiding it! 
This book is not nice though and its events were truly shocking. We’ve had death in the previous books but nothing compared to this and my heart was beating so much throughout it. It was late at night when I realised I had about 30 pages left, I was going to stop there and carry it on in the morning but if you knew the events of the last few chapters you would know why I had to just stay up and read! 
This book is amazing, and does a great job of wrapping up the series. I thought what happened was shocking and yet brilliant, and I loved that there’s a journey left at the end for Anna that the reader to make up themselves. I know what I’d like to think happens. I also loved that we finally get to find out what Seth’s Grandad meant with the oil and water thing and what that was all about, which I loved… especially as working it out involved reading old English, I miss that from my uni days! 
I love my romance but not as much as some and I have to say that it does appear that the male leads in this series all fancy Anna, which kinda bugged me a little. I knew Abe and Seth did but Marcus too was a bit much for me. However this bug bear, which started when we met Marcus again, ebbed as I made my way through the book and found out a little bit more about Marcus, Anna, Abe and even Em. I thought it was interesting how love was portrayed in A Witch Alone, and how Ruth Warburton didn’t make it all happy and fluffy with hearts and kisses all the time. Love is raw and it is powerful and I loved reading this book because it tells that truth. 
I really would recommend this series to anyone who likes witchcraft, romance, or even life threatening situations where you feels like you’ve had your guts twisted and pulled out. It brilliant and I really cannot wait to see what Ruth has in store for us next! 
A Witch Alone is the third in the Winter Trilogy and was published on February 7th by Hodder Children’s Books. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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