A Tangle of Magicks – Stephanie Burgis

“My brother Charles was a hopeless gamester, a ridiculous over-sleeper, and the one sibling too lazy to take part in any family arguments, no matter how exasperating our sisters might have been (and usually were).
But he had one shining virtue as an older brother: he was infinitely persuadable.”
Kat is a guardian. A quality passed through blood from her witch mother, she is one of a secret order who ensures that society is safe from the cusps of magic. When her oldest sister’s wedding is gate-crashed by her second sisters’ loved ones’ mother and the gossip starts of the families witchcraft Kat’s stepmoma packs them off to Bath.  With the idea to find Angeline a eligible bachelor Kat’s stepmoma does not realise that she has taken her two stepdaughters into a highly magical, and dangerous, place. Kat finds herself wrapped up in magic she has never seen before and may have to defy the highest person in the Oder of Guardians to make Bath safe again.

Kat Stephenson is one feisty 12 year old! & I love it! I can’t believe it has taken me this long to delve into this series!
A Tangle of Magicks sees us return to the life of Kat Stephenson. Although I didn’t actually read the previous book in the series, A Most Improper Magick, I still loved this book and I would seriously recommend it. Kat made a perfect companion on a lonesome Friday night for me and I can see people everywhere loving her!
The story saw Kats oldest sister’s wedding trashed and the family name butchered even further than it already was. Kat’s other sister, Angeline, wants to get her own way somehow and seems to want to ruin the family even more. Kat needs to stop her but it’s hard when she is expelled from practising any form of power that comes from being a guardian. Kats life is difficult to say the least and it made for a brilliant story. There are twists and turns everywhere but not so much that it’s confusing; don’t worry! The story actually takes place over just a number of days which would usually feel a bit rushed for me but in this story it worked so well. There was so much going on that I think it wouldn’t have worked as well if it wasn’t within that short a time period! I loved the urgency of everything!
The characters we meet in this book are brilliant. I had read a lot of Austin and other regency based stories through my uni studies and I could vividly see Lady Fotherington, the Wingates and Mr Gregson in their full regency splendour. Maria Wingate had to be one of the most annoying characters ever… though still not as annoying as Lydia Bennet! The better characters were by far Kets family, her papa totally redeemed himself, Angeline was pretty awesome and Charles, well lets just say I liked him for all his helplessness.
Kat was an amazing feisty, go-getting character and I think she really made the story. She had a tendancy to find herself if bad situations whilst trying to help matters and obviously then making them worse but you can forgive her for that! The one niggle I did have with her though, as the youngest of four siblings in the regency period she really didn’t come across as 12. I kept thinking of her as older and she really didn’t fit in with your typical female character from that period.. though that made her better of course!
I really got sucked into A Tangle of Magicks and I cant believe I haven’t read this series before. I am totally going out to find the first book so that I can find out what happened before this one, but that’s because I loved it so much. I think this second book worked really well on its own so don’t be afraid to pick this one up before its predecessor.
A Tangle of Magicks was released in August 2011 by Templar. It is the second in the “Unladylike Adventures of Kat Stephenson” series. My copy was sent as a gift from the lovely Viv at Serendipity Reviews.


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