A non-bookish post! Good Charlotte on the Kerrang Tour 2011 – Manchester Academy

So last night I went to Manchester Academy. I’ve been loads of times before but this was more special than ever because I was going to see my favourite band EVER!
I have seen Good Charlotte a couple of times before – once in 2007, Newcastle academy, and in 2008 in Sheffield. I got to meet the guys after the Sheffield gig and that has to be one of the best moments of my life!
I’ll give you some background into my love for Good Charlotte. I was 12 and my favourite band was 5ive, yeah that’s right, 5ive… *shudders*. One day I came across Kerrang TV, Avril Lavigne was on I believe so I kept it on, she wasn’t too bad, a bit weird but OK. Then a band I’d never heard of came on- they looked pop-punky and were singing a song called Little Things. I fell in love right there and then but as their album wasn’t in my local HMV I couldn’t have it (the Internet was used for MSN Messenger only!) I took to watching Kerrang at ever opportunity in the hope of it coming on again. It rarely did.
That was the start of my musical education. Kerrang, teamed with a new friend at school who liked more alternative music than me, all the pop crap I used to listen to was forgotten.
Not long after this Good Charlotte released Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, their hit that everyone knows and remembers. The second album, The Young and the Hopeless came out and because everyone was talking about them my local HMV got the first album in too! I was so happy I had to buy them both.
This really did enforce my love of Good Charlotte, the albums were incredible! They have been my favourite band since then and no matter what anyone says Good Charlotte are the best band ever, to me. The do get slagged off a lot, there are a lot of haters out there, but try slagging them off to me and you will get a mouth full!

Anyway. Last night. The Kerrang tour 2011! There were four bands on the line up; The wonder years, Framing Hanley, Four Year Strong and obviously Good Charlotte. I knew of The Wonder Years before last night, one of my friends being a huge fan, but I’d never listened to them. Unfortunately we arrived as they were playing their penultimate song so I didn’t get to hear that much. They sounded pretty decent though!
As for Framing Hanley, wow! I don’t know how id never heard of this band, let alone heard their music before! They were awesome! The singer pulled at heart strings telling us that it was his sons first birthday but obviously he was on tour so we had to make the show awesome just to make up for him missing out! Bless him! I will be getting their albums as soon as I can because they were totally my kinda of thing, and yet again I found them through Kerrang!
Four Year Strong are kinda a band that I’ve heard of, and I’ve heard but never really listened to. I only knew one or two songs they played last night but seeing them live made me wanna actually listen to them more because they were really cool. They got the crowd going and built up the atmosphere for Good Charlotte.
However to be perfectly honest. Having 3 pretty cool bands on first was a plus point but they could have had Bieber on the line up and I still would have gone just so I could see Good Charlotte!
They came on stage to the intro from Cardiology. I;d tried not to see the set list from previous shows cos I didn’t want anything ruining and when I heard the intro I thought that maybe they were just going to play the new stuff from that album. I love it but I always prefer to have a mix, especially as they have 5 other albums to take songs from! I didn’t have to worry for too long though, the intro started, the huge GC banner was revealed, the crowd went crazy and they started up with The Anthem, from the second album.
It was amazing. They did well to mix the songs up, playing three songs from the new album mixed with “old shit” as Joel put it! (the full set list can be seen here.)
I was kinda annoyed that a lot of people didn’t really appear to know the really old stuff. For example when Little Things was played only a few people shouted the “55!” after “we had to ride the bus.” It appears on the album but Joel didn’t sing it (or the other “shouts” that appear) instead he pointed the mic at the crowd and not many people shouted! I guess it could be because Little Things is from the first album and not everyone goes out for the back catalogue of a band they like! 
This annoyance cant get in the way of letting you know that Little Things obviously tops my favourite songs of all time list so I wasn’t that bothered about people not joining in, I just loved that they played it! Also on that list is Riot Girl from the second album and I couldn’t believe it when they kicked into that! I was in heaven! come on, with the lyrics “Christina, wouldn’t wanna meet her, she hates you Britney so you better run for cover!” who couldn’t love that song. I used to say when I was too young to have my tattoos that I;d be a riot girl one day and damn I’m pretty sure I got there for a while! 
haha) and they were as bloody amazing as I knew they’d be. They aren’t my favourite band for nothing, so I urge you if you haven’t before; GO LISTEN TO THEM! 

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