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A little something I wrote…

It also makes my brain go all funny and when I feel like writing around this time Its obviously got to be about something halloweeny. So I decided to write a Zombie love story. Its original, I hope you like it. (thanks to Ben who suggested I use my time in work wisely which is why this was written… at least I didn’t get caught!)
Zombified… ish 
Kate the zombie was a lonely girl having been zombiefied at the age of 15 after getting too close to the pet zombie in the basements cage. Kate’s father felt that bad about making her feed Zom Zom that he couldn’t bear to leave the house and couldn’t look at Kate anymore. She was only in the first stage of zombification so the disease hadn’t fully taken over yet. She kept out of the house for fear of upsetting her father more, only returning to for food from her mother and when it was too late for a girl of her age to be wandering the streets.
It wasn’t unusual to have a pet zombie since the major accident at Heraldhead Jail up the road. No one knew what had happened but the prisoners all got sick one day and turned into zombies. The medics at the prison managed to sedate all the zombies and it was decided that the government would give the prisoners to the local families who wanted one to reduce the waste consumption of their household. The zombies would eat anything and the tax for refuse was sky high lately so many families took up the offer. All you had to do for your zombie was inject the sedative, provided for a very small charge, every week and a half and your zombie was fine. It was that sedative that Kate had been to give the zombie. Just as she was giving it to Zom Zom he turned and bared his teeth. Kate was brave though, giving the rest of the sedative before going up to tell her father.
No one, to Kate’s knowledge, had been bitten before so she had no idea of what was to happen to her, except of course assume that she would end up like Zom Zom. Her father didn’t want her to be taken from him so he hadn’t told anyone and swore her mother not to either.
Three days had passed since the bite and Kate decided she couldn’t face her father being that upset. She knew that her family home on Mill Street was no longer the place for her. Being a smart girl she knew she should phone the police, but something stopped her, perhaps the fear of being given away just like Zom Zom. She only knew one place that she could rely on at times like this and that was the local library. It was quite and had computers, even if they were ancient. Sitting there on the age old computers she felt the urge just to be normal, go on facebook, ask one of her friends for help. But she didn’t know how to explain to her group of average 15 year old friends that she’d been zombiefied; she thought they’d probably take it as a joke. She decided instead to search for Zombie hideouts – the kinds of places zombies go in the movies go to. She found the perfect place – there was an underground subway in the town five miles away that was unused.
Leaving the library she took to the main road- walking the five miles seemed like the best option. She wanted so much to cry once she had started walking, the thought of leaving her family was terrible, but the tears would not come. Her tear ducts seemed not to work anymore.  After around two miles a car slowed to run alongside her. The man inside it seemed nice enough at first but then started making rude comments about girls her age being around at this time of night – it was getting late and it made Kate shudder to think of the creeps that could be around. She wanted to get away from him but when she tried to break into a run her legs didn’t seem to work, they had become clumsy and she nearly fell. The man laughed at her and decided to give up tormenting her. He drove away and Kate started to think about the warm bed she would have if she were home.
She wondered how long it would be till her family reported her missing. They were probably already in bed now, as shed come in late the previous two nights. They would probably notice when she didn’t go for breakfast the next morning. She hoped that she’d be long gone by then. The signs were telling her she was getting nearer and nearer to her destination. She knew that the subway had a depot on the very outskirts of the town, having gone past it a hundred times on her way to school. All she had to do was get to the depot, find a way in and hide out down there. She’d find some blankets and things around and about in the next few days and when the disease gets too bad she’ll just find a way to end it, somehow. She was trying to work out where she’d be able to find some of the sedative from when she turned a corner and noticed that the depot was in sight. She shocked herself at the distance she’d travelled without even realising it, lost in her own thoughts about how her life would turn out.
Getting closer to the depot she noticed that it was more derelict than she thought. There was easy access into the grounds and it only took her around half an hour to find a way into the building itself. Once she was in she couldn’t believe how dark it was. She had noting with her, having not come out prepared to be leaving home forever. She didn’t even have a change of clothes. She felt her way around and tried to remember what she could of the building when it was open, she used to use it when she went shopping with her mum because it was easier than driving into the centre of town.  She found some stairs that went down and followed those, assuming that they would lead the way down to the platforms. Once down there she managed to make her way onto the lines and head down on of the tunnels.
Her eyes were finally getting used to the darkness when she thought she saw something move ahead of her. She was already petrified and trying to stop herself from screaming she tried to tell herself that it was a rat or a stray dog or something and it had gone. Carrying on walking she saw something again. Then a voice came out of the darkness “is anybody there?” it was her own voice, so scared she could barely recognise it. The thing moved again and she went to turn and run. Again her legs failed her and this time she fell. The thing that moved ahead of her when she stood moved closer to her. Once it was next to her a bright light fell across the tunnel. The thing, it would seem, was a boy of around 17. He helped her up and asked her name. She replied and asked him what he was doing here and who he was. He told her he was called Damien and would get someone to answer her questions if she followed him.
Kate had no other option than to follow the boy. Even if she had tried to run away chances are she would have fallen and probably wouldn’t have found her way out anyway. The boy seemed to be very pale, and thin, he kept the light on now and she could see that the lines running in the tunnel were a lot clearer than she thought, with no rats scampering around anywhere. Every time she tried speaking Damien would ask her to be quiet. He was leading them through a series of tunnels, maintenance tunnels, now, away from the tracks. There were lights coming from the far end of a long tunnel that he turned into and Kate thought she could hear voices. The lights shut out when the people that she could hear heard them coming. Damien advised whoever it was that he was approaching and he had a visitor. The shouting down the tunnel echoed and Kate really didn’t like the loudness of it. She shuddered and wondered why he was leading her down this tunnel anyway.
When they got to the end of the tunnel Kate was greeted by a group of around thirty people. They were all ages and of both sex. Damien spoke to some of the older people while some of the younger ones starred at Kate. She didn’t know where she was but she noticed that they all looked pale and thin and were dressed in rather dirty, yet ordinary, clothes. When Damien finished one of the older people of the group, a Man around 30 years old came over and introduced himself. He was called Gabe and he was one of the elected superior members of the group.  He asked outright when Kate had been bitten, which struck Kate as odd considering she hadn’t said anything. She told him and asked what was going on. Gabe explained that various people, people of their group, had been bitten by their pet zombies and had taken refuge in the subway, he knew she had too by the paleness of her skin and the way Damien had said she fell when she tried to run away, also by the fact she looked scared and yet her eyes looked as dry as stone. The group ranged from being bitten a week ago to a year ago and were all fairly normal people. They had a tendency for raw meat sometimes and couldn’t run or walk very fast, but other than that believed they could function normally if they were allowed to in the real world. Kate asked why they didn’t and Gabe informed her that they were all too scared to try and go into the real world for fear that scientists would experiment to find out why they hadn’t been fully zombiefied. He believed that the Zombies created in Heraldhead only had the weakest form of the disease and couldn’t carry the full form on so those people who were bitten only developed some effects. He explained that if they tried to surface it was likely that the government would try and find out how their existence was possible and probably end up killing them through experimentation anyway so it was safer to stay here. He asked Kate if she wanted to stay or go back to the real world and risk quarantine.
Kate believed that she could go back, go home and tell her parents it would all be ok. She wouldn’t develop into a full zombie like Zom Zom and she could function more or less normally. But her father would probably want to know how she knew and that would risk telling him about these other people, people like her, and she didn’t want to risk their security. Besides if she told her father about them it was possible that he would tell the police about these people and then the government would get hold of them all. The more she thought about it the more clear it became that she must stay with them in the tunnels. She asked Gabe if he was happy to accept her into the group and Gabe announced her arrival to the rest of them, the zombie survivors. Kate was so scared still, knowing that she couldn’t see her parents of the world she used to live in, but at the same time she knew she couldn’t risk being treated like some kind of caged animal by the outside world. Damien comforted her that first night, and for many nights after that he became her shoulder to, almost, cry on. 
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