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A Little in Love – Susan E Fletcher

“I’m dying. There’s no use hoping I’ll live or telling myself, keep going, it’s only a small wound. There’s too much blood on the ground. 
I’m going to die in this street. 
I can hardly breathe. My hand, my arm and my body are so full of pain. I’m whimpering, trembling. And I’m cold too – lying on my back with the cobblestones pressing into me. In the distance horses’ hooves, and someone is shouting, ‘is anyone alive out there?’ I want to call, ‘yes, over here!’ but I can’t. It hurts too much to speak or move.”

Paris 1832. There is unrest everywhere. A street girl lies in the darkness alone, clutching a letter intended for the one she loves. She remembers her life and how it could have been, how she was a terrible child to Cosette, the girl her mother took in and mistreated, how she stole, and lied, and how she was taught to keep the kindness within her buried. Eponine clutches the letter, it’s not from her but from Cosette, its her chance to make things right, and now she must try and let that kindness flow out of her as she has always wanted to do. 

I had never read or seen Les Miserables (here after referred to as Les Mis, sorry!) until I read this book, I knew very little about the original story and as I started reading I started wishing I did, but not because it helps to read or watch Les Mis first, A Little In Love can be read completely on its own. I wanted to have more knowledge about Les Mis because I loved the characters I was being introduced to and I wanted to know more about them. 
This book tells the story of Eponine from Les Mis, the story that I believe you don’t get to read or witness from the original book or its movie adaptation. I wouldn’t know how it compares to the book but I did watch the latest movie version, the 2012 Hugh Jackman one, whilst reading the book just to see if I could get a bit more background. It is a love story, but it is also a story of growing up, a coming of age story of sorts and it really is fantastic. Its about a girl who really should have been born to a different family, a kinder family who really loved her rather than her stealing skills. Its about a girl who needs to be a their to gain her mothers love and her fathers trust but balances it out through helping the old man down the road pick his peaches or gathering the washing in for the couple round the corner. I loved every aspect of the story and thought it was brought to life perfectly by Susan E Fletcher. 
As I say I couldn’t compare this to the original as I haven’t read it but I have a friend who has and I asked her a few things about its events and it seems like its a quite truthful adaptation. It was quite a bit different to the film version of the book but I believe that itself is different to the original book so it would be. I loved the backdrop of the story as its set at such an interesting point in France’s history and I loved what that brought to the story. 
The characters were amazing and I really admired Eponine. Marius and Cosette were a little wet but Eponnine and other characters, including her sister were fantastic. I actually found their parents incredibly interesting too, even if I did hate them. Eponine really is a feisty character who shows a great deal of strength especially when you consider her position and the time the story was set. Gavroche was an incredible character also and I loved his role in the book. 
I started reading A Little In Love on a Wednesday evening, even with work on the following two days and a break on the friday evening to watch Les Mis, I still finished it Friday night. It hooked me and was so easy to read that I didn’t want to put it down, I cannot recommend this book enough so you should just go out and locate a copy as soon as possible! 
A Little in Love was published on October 3rd by Chicken House Books. My copy was sent from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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