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A Face Like Glass – Frances Hardinge

“One dark season, Grandible became certain there was something living in his domain within the cheese tunnels. To judge by the scuffles, it was larger than a rat, and smaller than a horse. On nights when hard rain beat the mountainside high above, and filled Caverna’s vast labyrinth of tunnels with the music of ticks and trickles and drips, the intruding creature sang to itself, perhaps thinking nobody could hear.” 

As skilled craftsmen create delicacies for the Grand Steward across Caverna, Grandible is hiding a secret. Neverfell must never be seen. Not truly. For she is a girl with no memory and a face so incredible that she must wear a mask at all times. Neverfell is the only person in Caverna with a face that shows her emotions. A face that is incapable of lying. A face that is a dangerous threat and an irresistible treasure. And a face that some people would kill for. 


There are 3 Frances Hardinge books on my to be read pile. This was the first I picked up and I can guarantee the other two will be read within the year. I don’t know why I waited so long… but I shouldn’t have. A Face Like Glass was incredible and Frances is a stunning writer who brings the most unimaginable to life. 

After so long reading books that didn’t kick me back into wanting to review again… This was definitely needed. I needed something that was not only 5 stars, but that made me want to gush. I couldn’t stop talking about A Face Like Glass at work, and thats what made me know I loved it. 

I’m a little rusty on reviews. I used to talk about the characters, the writing, the storyline, but I think it’ll all come as gush if I go into each. I will say though that this book was read in a matter of weeks, which is good going for a book of 500 pages for me these days! 

The world was unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It was full of magic and mystery and set underground. Literally the whole world was made up of a series of tunnels where people had carved houses to live and courtyards to gather. There were slums and suburbs and places which were out of bounds. It was amazing to picture and Frances Hardinge really brought it all to life with her writing. 

Neverfell was such an interesting character. She was so naive due to her background and I really wanted to give her a shake at times. But other that that she was the interest of a number of people who you weren’t ever sure about their intentions. I loved how much she grew and developed within the storyline of the book. She had no choice to of course, but with some very helpful people around, she grew in the best way. 

The most magical part of this book for me was the ending. I absolutely loved how it panned out, even though it was a little confusing at times. There was a lot that only made sense towards the end of the book but that made the reading all the more worthwhile! 

Fantasy tends to sometimes take longer for me to read, but A Face Like Glass kept me on the edge of my seat so much that I devoured it. The only reason it took weeks instead of days was because of my other commitments. Gone are the days I can devour a book in a day – but I wouldn’t have thought twice about spending the whole day on this book if I could have! 

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Disclosure: I was sent this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own. Amazon link above is an affiliate link.

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