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A Box Of Stores – A monthly book subscription

Have you heard of A Box of Stories? If you are a book lover this is the monthly subscription you need in your life. Four books, each month, which otherwise would be left undsicovered.

I love books so the idea of books and authors going undiscovered makes me cry. A Box Of Stories takes the titles of all the books that don’t make the bestseller lists and puts the titles into their algorithms and looks into the sales figures of the titles, the system scours the internet for blogs, reviews and book forum mentions to discover what the books are about and how good they are by real readers, not the publishers who promoted them to the top. It then handpicks a selection to be sent to readers every month.

The reason A Box Of Stories can do this is because millions of books get sent back to the publishers every year, destined for pulp. They are unsold and the bookstores just don’t have the space to hold on to them until they do sell. So back they go and with nowhere else to be sold on, they get destroyed. But A Box Of Stories is saving these books. Its grabbing the good ones in the middle of this process and giving them a new lease of life.

The idea is you get a selection of fantastic books, that otherwise probably would have been pulped. You may discover a new author, read a genre that is new to you or find a book that you were planning on reading, but forgot all about it because you heard of it once and never heard of it again.

Its all a brilliant idea, and thankfully I got to try it out recently when A Box of Stories sent me a box of my own.

I naturally chose the YA box and was treated to a series of books from around 2016. This worked really well for me because between 2015 and 2019 I barely read anything, I wasn’t getting many books from publishers for review and I was out of the loop of the publishing industry. Which meant the books I got i either haven’t heard of but love the look of, or had heard of briefly and meant to read, but didn’t ever pick up. While I haven’t got round to reading them yet (story of my life.) they are all high up on my tbr pile and I can’t wait to!

The YA Box isn’t the only option from A Box of Stories though. Theres a general adult fiction, a mixed option which has non fiction and fiction, historical fiction, crime fiction and a light reads option. So whatever your genre, you will be able to enjoy it from A Box Of Stories.

What’s more, A Box of Stories has their own community group on Facebook, which allows you to connect to other book lovers, talk about the books that have been sent out that month (not every box is the same but there are definite overlaps) and more. I love seeing people talking about books on my feed so its soon become one of my favourite groups.

I couldn’t recommend a subscription more than this one for book lovers as its affordable and gets you a great supply of new books to read. Perfect for lockdown, or in fact occasions like Mother’s Day! If you love the sound of it why not treat yourself, or your friends/family to a box with £4 off! Head to A Box of Stories to get the discount (Referral link used*).

*Full disclaimer: This link will entitle you to £4 off a new subscription and pays me a commission for recommending. This review was written in response to a box being sent to me free of charge, however everything written is entirely my own opinion.

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