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As you can probably see I only started this blog at the end of January. I decided that Tumblr wasn’t the best place too blog and decided if I was gunna do this properly then I needed to move over to a better site, so Readaraptor was born.
I started reviewing on tumblr because I love books and I want my opinion to be out there for all to see. Not many of my friends like reading for fun and I bore them stupid usually talking about the books I’m reading so I wanted to express my opinions elsewhere! I have become addicted and blogging has really brought out my love for reading again after it was lost at university.
As well as stating a proper site for blogging I have been chatting to other bloggers. This is new for me and I was shocked to find out how many other bloggers there are out there and how there is a big community of book bloggers online who are such lovely people. This post is kinda shout out to them, they know who they are, because they are lovely people and talk to me even though quite often I just butt into conversations on twitter and I’m pretty much a newbie at everything to do with blogger and twitter. I really am loving blogging and knowing that there’s so many people out there who love reading and book blogging really helps! As I say, you will know who you are and I thank you so much for being so welcoming. 🙂

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  • Clover

    It can be a really wonderful community to belong to, book blogging! Twitter is MADE for butting in and it’s lovely to read your blog and chat with you on twitter!

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