Book review: 44 Tiny Secrets by Sylvia Bishop and Ashley King
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44 Tiny Secrets – Sylvia Bishop and Ashley King

Betsy Bow-Linnet longs to play the piano like her world-famous parents but no matter how hard she tries, the notes never come out right…. 

This beautifully illustrated book shows the power of secrets, and how hurtful they can be. In a story thats well told and made me think and feel in all the right places. 

Aimed at 6-9 year olds, 44 Tiny Secrets is centred around a girl called Betsy who overhears the words ‘Terrible Disappointment’ from her mother and kicks her into a world of determination and more disappointment.

While Betsy tries so hard to become something she’s not for her mother, she learns that its always better to be yourself, and be truthful to those around you. Along the way she helps a number of grown ups learn that too. 

There are parts of this book that honestly made me so sad. Betsy hears things that no child should have to hear. From her parents and their so called friends. Thankfully the events manage to make those people realise that their words have consequences.

The relationships in the book are built through the events that happen and the 44 tiny secrets end up as part of the family. Betsy’s family are unconventional to say the least, but a family that most young readers would probably think a lot of, so it was lovely that they became stronger at the end of it all. 

I read 44 Tiny Secrets in an afternoon. It’s 170 pages long and is easy to read due to its intended audience. I will be saving it for Spike as she gets older, as I know she’ll love to learn about the secrets and what they mean for Betsy. I’d say for those in the age bracket its definitely intended towards to the top ages, and the more advanced reader and I think lots of kids will love it. 

44 Tiny Secrets will be published by Little Tiger Group on 23rd July 2020. My copy was sent in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own. For more information or to purchase the book visit the following sites: 

Amazon | Hive | Illustrator’s Website | Publisher’s Website 

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