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4 Ways To Prevent Eye Strain While Reading

Back in the day, parents would complain at their kids for watching too much TV and tell them that they would get square eyes. These days, it’s phone and laptop screens that get the blame for damaging our eyes. Parents are always suggesting that their kids put down the screens and try reading a book instead, but could that be just as damaging? 

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Even though screens will do more damage to your eyes than a good book will, you can still strain your eyes while reading, so you should be careful. These are the best ways to reduce eye strain while reading. 

Read In A Well Lit Room 

If you try to read in poor light, you force your eyes to refocus and it puts a lot of strain on them. If you notice that your eyes start to hurt when you are reading and it’s difficult to focus, it may be because you don’t have enough light. Ideally, you want to read in a room with lots of natural light but when you’re reading at night, you need plenty of artificial light. If you do a lot of reading at night, you should consider getting a reading light that you can put directly above your book, so you aren’t straining to see the words on the page. 

Take Regular Breaks 

You don’t often hear people say that too much reading is a bad thing but it can cause serious eye strain. We all know the feeling of getting lost in an amazing book that you don’t want to put down, but if you notice that your eyes are feeling dry and tired, you should take a short break from books every now and again. This allows your eyes to refocus and rest for a few minutes. We tend to blink less when we are reading something as well, so taking a break will help to make sure that you are blinking enough and your eyes are not drying out. 

Rule Out Vision Problems 

Eye strain can be caused by poor lighting or reading for too long, but it may be caused by vision problems, so you should rule this out by getting an eye exam. If you do need glasses and you know what prescription you need, you can find it easily online and get some affordable glasses. Even if your eyesight isn’t that bad, it may be worth investing in reading glasses to take the strain off and protect your vision. 

Consider The Impact Of Ebooks 

Digital books are great because you can expand your library without taking up too much space. They’re also cheaper to buy most of the time. However, if you read a lot of ebooks, you should consider the impact that it has on your eyes. Some e-readers have a screen without a backlight that is designed to mimic paper, which is much better for your eyes. But if you are reading on a device with a standard screen, you need to take regular breaks. 

As long as you follow these tips, you can enjoy your favorite books without worrying about eye strain. 

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