Stop writers block with these 4 tips
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4 creative tips to fight writer’s block

Every writer knows that times will arise when you hit a creative lull. Writer’s block can occur for any number of reasons; you might be overworked, uninspired, or comparing yourself to others. Whatever the reason may be, the main thing is not to panic, whether you have a deadline or are writing for yourself, breathe and take a look at some of these creative tips. 

 Read something new 

 When you’re experiencing writer’s block, it’s a great idea to read something new. Often when we aren’t feeling very creative, all we need is a little inspiration. Have a research online and see if you can find a writer you’ve never heard of (but who sounds right up your street)! Sites like Good Reads can help you to choose something based on your preferences. Ezines like Bustle Books often have a diverse range of recommendations too. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, as this is often where the best inspiration is found. Don’t usually read poetry? Why not get yourself a great alternative poetry book? Not a fan of fantasy books? Why not try some magic realism for a compromise? When you read something you love, or just something different, it’s often enough to get the creative juices flowing.

Automatic writing 

When you have writer’s block, automatic writing can be a great exercise to give yourself a bit of a refresh. You simply get a piece of paper and write down whatever comes into your head and just keep going. Don’t worry about  a narrative, theme or even grammar. The only goal is to get words on the page. The words will begin as your merely your thoughts. As you go on, you’ll likely get some ideas and phrases that are a little more lyrical or poem-worthy. Plenty of writers end up getting some really useful work from an automatic writing session. Whatever you do, ensure that you back-up everything that you write on iCloud. It’s a far more secure way to keep your work safe than saving it to your hard drive alone. If you’re not sure how to set up iCloud on Mac then check out this link:

Change of scenery

Sometimes a change of scenery can do a world of good in the fight against writer’s block. You’ll likely have a writing spot in your home, but if you feel a bit stagnant trying to write here, why not change it up? There are plenty of alternative places to write. Some like the traditional coffee shop setting, while others like the park. You might like to try writing at an art gallery or museum. These can be both inspirational and quiet places where they’ll be a bench to admire the art-works. Why not make this your writing bench for an hour or so? 


Often, once we get writer’s block we become stressed, which only makes it worse. Sometimes the state is brought on by stress in the first place. Take some time out to practice something relaxing. Try a yoga class? Take a walk amongst nature or meditate? Plenty of creatives find drawing a therapeutic exercise to try during those times where you just can’t put words on the page.

 Lastly, if you have any writer friends, plan a casual writing session together? Sometimes the process of writing alone can get a little dull, but when you add another creative person things can get all that more exciting! 

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