30 books 30 days challenge update

Ok so its Monday 20th June. I’m twenty days into this challenge and its long overdue a update.
I’m totally behind on this feature as I knew I would be. I was doing so well then things happened, life got int he way and here I am currently reading my like 11th book! 🙁
Read so far are:

  1. Uncle Montague’s Tales of Terror – Chris Priestley
  2. Truth And Dare – Edited by Liz Miles
  3. Ash – Malinda Lo 
  4. The Folk Keeper – Franny Billingsley 
  5. Scatterheart – Lili Wilkinson 
  6. The Day Before – Lisa Schroeder 
  7. Tales of Terror from the Black Ship – Chris Priestley
  8. The Poison Diaries – Maryrose Wood
  9. Forgotten – Cat Patrick 
  10. Montacute House – Lucy jago
  11. Split by a Kiss – Luisa Playa  
So I’m doing pretty rubbish. I also just started Shadows on the Moon by Zoe Marriott hopefully I’ll get that done by tomorrow night and then get a few more read this week. I have ten more days. lets crack on! 


  • Ellie

    You’ve read more than me this month! I didn’t even attempt this challenge and I’m glad because I’ve had a pretty rubbish month myself.

  • Jadey!

    Raimmmmmmmy! Wanna swap books! You’re currently reading Shadows on the Moon and I am DESPERATE for it! ANy books you want to swap for it? I have lots and lots and lots 🙂 <3

    Just kidding. (or not…)

    Anywho, I’m gonna get a UK blog event going at some point and I was stopping by to see if you would be interested? :3

  • Alex

    Good luck lady! You’re certainly doing well, regardless *grins* Better than I would anyways! I actually just bought The Folk Keeper – I had no idea it was so tiny! What did you think of it?? xx

  • Clover

    I still think 11 books is great going! It might not be 30 books, but it’s still great. Also, you’ve been reading some brilliant books and I happen to think that quality is better than quantity any day 🙂 (I was sort of trying to push myself to read 30 books in June as well – but I didn’t tell anyone in case I didn’t make it. And I didn’t. I only managed 19)

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