Wither – Lauren Destefano

“I wait. They keep us in the dark for so long that we
lose sense of our eyelids. We sleep huddled together like rats, staring out,
and dream of our bodies swaying.”
Rhine is taken. In a world where women die at 20 and men
at 25 it is dangerous. Girls are stolen off the streets, even when they are
careful as Rhine finds out. She is selected out of the group of girls stolen,
to be the wife of a wealthy man. She has no see and is locked in a mansion,
treated like a princess. But Rhine doesn’t want this, she wants to get back to
her brother and she will stop at nothing to get there, but she may encounter a
few hurdles on the way.

There’s a lot of hype about Wither… a lot of people will
shout about how awesome it is and I have to admit… I have to agree.
The dystopian world that Destefano creates is amazingly
real. Quite often with dystopians I can see the world which is created but
cannot see our world transgressing into that one… with Wither though I really
could. I imagined that the buildings and everything were the same, it was just
their insides and their surroundings that were different. I found New York
intriguing, the way the skyscrapers had been changed into factories. I also
loved how Lindens mansion was obviously just a big old mansion, there was
nothing much out of the ordinary or even futuristic about it… the world wasn’t
all that different, it was the people in it.
The idea behind the story is incredibly sad and really
quite depressing. Dying at 20? No thank you… I would have been dead three years
ago! But again, I could understand how it happened, the science was there, it
made sense but it didn’t confuse me at all… it was simple and its simplicity
actually scared me! (but totally added to the feeling of the story!)
The characters intrigued and infuriated me. Vaughan was
awful and evil. Cicely was amazing, although very naïve. Jenna was beautiful
and adorable, she was like a big sister. Linden I actually really loved, again
naïve but I felt sorry for him as he didn’t realise he was causing so much pain
just by having his three wives. I loved the stubbornness of Rhine, I could tell
she wanted out of that mansion and yes at times she faultered… but I loved her
for her flaws as well. She felt real. Last but not least I have to mention
Gabriel… oh sweet lovely Gabriel… you were not in the book enough! Nowhere near
enough!! I would have had you on every page as you and Rhine were adorable
together those few times you managed to get time alone!
I really did love the story and the characters but I cant
love the book overall I’m afraid. I found myself getting severely annoyed in
many places when there seemed to be a strong sex equality unbalance. The women
in this story were wives and baby carriers only. I understand it a little bit,
they only have 20 years… 7-9 of those they will be able to carry babies and
that was important to carry on humanity but seriously.. that was ALL women were
and it really pissed me off.. they were hung like trophies on their husbands
necks and I hated it. I kinda though too that they have pretty much found a way
now to create babies… surely they would have perfected this science by 100plus
years into the future?
Anyway… besides my little rant… Wither really was an
amazing read. The pace and writing flows so well that you feel your jogging
alongside Rhine while she grows in this world. I would have liked to have seen
more of the world that Rhine lived in before she was taken but I guess that’s
what we have coming in the rest of the books. I really can’t wait to get a hold
of Fever and see what’s in store as the ending of this left me with a lot of
Wither was released early this month by HarperVoyager in
the tall US paperback type version. It will be re-released in January 2012 in a
smaller “normal sized” version. The second in the series, Fever, is due out next year. Thank you kindly to the publisher who sent me
it in exchange for an honest review.
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  • Mia

    I think Wither was great too! The whole concept of it all was unique but not pretty. Great review (:

  • Wither was so awesome and completely lives up to all of its hype. Women being used as baby-machines didn’t bother me quite as much as it did for you, but I get your annoyance – especially as it is quite regressive for society

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  • Glad you loved it as much as I did! The characters are just awesome!!

  • i’m saving this review to read because i JUST bought the book yesterday and don’t want to risk spoiling it for myself or making me more annoyed that i’m not reading it this very minute!!! it’s moving up the TBR pile though!

  • I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed this one as well. I really liked it and am curious to see what the author is going to do with the 2nd book. Nice review!

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