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    “Where’s your best friend when you need her?  I mean, seriously.  It’s Saturday night and here I am in Luke’s front room with his sister, Zoe, and a bunch of his mates, listening to a rock band blaring about how we’re all going to die, and watching a couple of lads do something that I think is intended to be dancing but looks more like they’re being slowly electrocuted.  Oh, and did I mention? It’s my birthday.”  Ash’s 17th year is meant to be full of fun and laughter before she has to think about what the future holds and what to do with her life. But nothing is ever…

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    “One afternoon, when I was eight years old, my class was told to write about what we wanted to be when we grew up. Miss Box went round the class, asking each one of us to stand up and share what we had written. Zachary Olsen wanted to play for the premier league. Lexi Taylor wants to be an Actress. Harry Beaumont planned on being Prime Minister. Simon Allen wanted to be Harry Potter, so badly that the previous term he had scratched a lightening bolt on to his forehead with a pair of craft scissors.  But I didn’t want to be any of these things.”  When rumoured bad boy…

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    “There were plenty of reasons to love winter.  Warm fireplaces, stews, Christmastime. In her head she listed everything pleasant about the season, yet she still puled a handmade quilt closer around her body, like a shield that could protect her.  It rarely snowed here – Atlanta usually settled for a motionless, quiet winter, with the sort of cold that carpet into her bones and was hard to shake. Before Christmas the cold seemed a necessary price for the holiday, the presents, the celebration. Now in January, still months to go till spring, the weather was hateful.” Ginny and Kai have been in love for as long as Ginny can remember,…