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    Hey guys, just a quick one this week with a couple of covers I wanted to share! *** Legacy (Night School #2) by CJ Daugherty  I love this one, I loved the cover for the first book which is currently sat unread on my TBR shelf but this is even better. The way the girls hair stands out so vividly against the white and grey of the building and its surroundings is magical! This one will be out in January, released by Atom, check out the goodreads summarybut please note it may contain spoilers from the first book: In the last year, Allie’s survived three arrests, two breakups and one…

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    ***Knife Edge is the second in the Noughts and Crosses series. Please note that this review will contain  unavoidable spoilers for Noughts and Crosses, the first book. ***“‘Oh come on, Jude. My feet are killing me,’ Morgan moaned. ‘Tough!’ I said from one of the two single beds in our hotel room. ‘And keep watching out the window. We don’t want any surprises.’ ‘I’ve been watching the traffic for the last three hours.’ ‘And you’ve got an hour to go, shut up complaining.’ I ordered. He was getting on my nerves and no mistake.” Jude and Morgan have been in hiding since the kidnapping of Sephy Hadley, the kidnapping that…

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    “‘Honestly, Mrs Hadley,’ said Maggie McGregor, wiping her eyes. ‘That sense of humour of yours will be the death of me yet!’ Jasmine Hadley allowed herself a rare giggle. ‘The things I tell you, Meggie. It’s lucky we’re such good friends!’  Meggie’s smile wavered only slightly. She looked out across the vast lawn at Callum and Sephy. Her son and her employer’s daughter. They were good friends playing together. Real good friends. No barriers. No boundaries. Not yet anyway. Callum and Sephy had grown up together, known one another for years. Until Callum’s mum got fired from her housemaid job at the Hadley household. But that didn’t stop them from…