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    “My name is Harriet Manners, and I am a model.  I know I’m a model because: Its monday morning, and I’m wearing a gold tutu, a gold jacket, gold ballet pumps and gold earrings. My face is painted gold, and a long piece of gold wire has been wrapped around my head. This is not how I normally dress on Mondays.  I have a bodyguard. The earrings cost so much I’m not allowed to go to the toilet without a large man checking my earlobes afterwards to make sure I haven’t accidentally flushed them.  I haven’t been allowed to smile for two hours. Every time I take a bite of…

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    “Brendan Walker knew the house was going to be terrible.  The first tip-off was the super-cheerful tone the estate agent, Diane Dobson, used with his mother.  ‘It’s truly the most amazing house, Mrs Walker,’ Diane chirped on speaker. ‘The perfect place for a sophisticated family like yours. And its just gone through a major price reduction’ ‘Where is this house?’ Brendan asked. Aged twelve, he sat next to his sister, Cordelia, playing Uncharted on his much-loved PSP.” When the Walker family walked into 128 Sea Cliff Avenue they knew it was impressive, an unobstructed view of the Golden Gate Bridge, a price tag they could afford and all of the…

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    Letterbox Love is a weekly feature that is hosted by Lynsey at Narratively Speaking and is a way for us to share the books that come through our letterbox, galleys and e-books (through our electronic letterbox) and any other bookish goodies that we want to tell you about. For Review:  Cracks – Caroline Green  Fragments – Caroline Green  I have seen brilliant things about this book and understand that it appeared on a few shortlists for awards recently so I knew I had to check it out, when I was offered it and Fragments for review I couldn’t say no. I love the idea of Fragments being a sequel but told from…

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    “9.00 p.m. on a November Saturday, Joni, Tony and I are out on the town. Tony is from the next town over and he needs to get out. His parents are extremely religious. It doesn’t matter which religion – they’re all the same at a certain point and few of them want a gay boy cruising around with his friends on a Saturday night. So every week Tony feeds us bible stories, then on a Saturday we show up at his doorstep well versed in parables and earnestness, dazzling his parents with our blinding purity. They slip him a twenty and tell him to enjoy our study group.” Paul and…

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    “‘Their voice is clear and true, yet it us not breathed, not carried upon the air. It echoes like thought inside the skull, speaking words where none are spoken.’ Gabblety Row was quite the most peculiar and ramshackle building in town. Its undulating walls, hiddledy-piggledy red tiles and winding iron drainpipes all showed an utter disregard for straight lines. The frontage of four shops with three floors above rose in an astonishing disarray of red brick and dark brown beams, leaning here and lurching there until it reached the garret rooms at its top.” Having spent the past few years running through the hallways of Gabblety Row on errands for…

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    “Most days drift by like clouds. Others burn deep into your life and make a blister, like a bright white moon in a black night sky. And you’re left wondering, forever.  Then, I might as well have been invisible for all Dad and Amy cared. They’d been busy making massive decisions about my life without even thinking about me, or bothering about how I might feel. They’d obviously been plotting and planning for weeks, whispering under the covers at night, painting the walls of our flat with lies.” In 24 hours Gabriella Midwinter’s life has drastically changed. She has lost her home, her dad, her best friend and her school.…

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    “Sophie had waited all her life to be kidnapped. But tonight, all the other children of Gavaldon writhed in their beds. If the School Master took them, they’d never return. Never lead a full life. Never see their family again. Tonight these children dreamt of a red-eyed thief with the body of a beast, come to rip them from their sheets and stifle their screams. Sophie dreamt of princes instead.” Sophie and Aggie are best friends. If it weren’t for Sophie, Aggie wouldn’t have anyone other than her cat. The other children shun her because she’s different, they think she’s a witch. In the girls’ town, once every four years,…

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    From the Review Pile is a meme created by Stephanie over at Stepping Out of the Page Designed to highlight the books that we have have sitting on our review piles and tbr shelves for far too long, it gives books the little bit of extra publicity they deserve. You can find out more about the meme here and you can follow the link above to Stephanie’s blog. This weeks book is one that was published just two days ago. I was sent a copy months ago but unfortunately I put it to one side because its publication was so long away, then things got manic.I saw the fantastic trailer for it on its…

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    “Fourteen Years Ago… Wind rushed in from the cold night and quenched all but three of the torches that lit the great hall of Castle Derrington. King, Micah, weakened by illness, lay slumped on his throne, his breathing dry and shallow. A towering band of men on horseback surrounded him, flames dancing in their eyes, their cheeks streaked with blood.”  Orland Born is a slave in Castle Derrington, that is the only life he has known. But when he is branded a champion in the areas Games, he fears he is in danger. When he receives a letter from a long dead king and a mysterious man tries to kidnap…