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    “Poppy set down one of the mermaid dolls close to the stretch of asphalt road that represented the Blackest Sea. They were old – bought from Goodwill – with big shiny heads, different coloured tails, and frizzy hair.  Zachary Barlow could almost imagine their fins lashing back and forth as they waited for the boat to get closer, their silly plastic smiles hiding their lethal intentions.” Poppy, Zachary and Alice have been playing together for years, playing with the dolls their parents have bought them and loving them as if they were real people. But as they get older things are changing, they are changing and when Zach decides he…

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    “The day after boxing day.  Lots of sales start.  Lots of sales end.  The broken Supero-Constructo-Set fragments are thrown away. The only crackers left in the cracker tin are those horrid water biscuits.  Morag Narmo shuffled downstairs in the tatty red dressing gown that had possession of her body most of the time, and started rifling through the rest of her family’s Bumper-Festive-Choco-Sick-Packs for Curly Wurlys.” When Morag Narmo suggests to her mum on one boring Christmas break afternoon that her and the other four Narmo children would rather stick their head down a waste disposal unit than ‘do the academical’ she never expected her mum to agree. Two weeks…

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    “10th May 1940 Everyone remembers where they were when they heard the terrible news.  I was in class. My teacher, Monsieur Durance, was trying to tell us about William Shakespeare but no one could concentrate. We were all straining to see out of the high windows because people were running into the schoolyard, shouting, even crying.  ‘Let the children out! We want our children!’ ‘The Nazis are coming!'” Fifteen year old Nicole is in turmoil. The Nazis have invaded Brussels and her father has been taken. Things carry on mostly as normal, she goes to school, goes home, and meets up with friends. Yet things are far from normal with…

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    “The pills don’t help. It’s been three weeks now and every night it’s the same. I’m trying to stop it all happening and I can’t. The fire’s eating up the whole beach. Even the sea can’t put it out, can’t even reach it. It’s as if the sea sees the flames streaking the sky in a hellish mix of red, orange, yellow – and draws back, afraid.” Lizzie is a child of war. Whilst the war is over, things in the 50’s are still on edge and there are still many people reflecting on what war meant for her small town, Norton. Things rarely change in Norton but when Natalie…

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    “The first time I notice the new inmate is when we’re all lined up outside our cells for morning head count. He’s standing five doors down from me, sneaking glances at the rest of us as the guards wave their wrist-scanners across our hips to read the spytags that are implanted when we first get here…  When his gaze lands on me, he does a double take, just as I knew he would.” Jenna Strong has learned to accept the stares she gets from new inmates at Mileway Prison, as the only female inmate she stands out and she has had to also learn how to deflect the come-ons and…

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    “The party has begun without me.  Slowly, I descend the main staircase of our apartment, which curves dramatically into the reception lounge, currently packed with important guests. Tall ceramic vases line the room, overflowing with roses of every variety: white albas from Africa, pink centifolias from the Netherlands, pale yellow tea roses from China, and roses altered with mystic dye right here in Manhattan to produce colors so electric they hardly seem real.” Aria Rose hardly seems to know where she is at the minute. Having suffered an overdose of Stic, a drug made from mystic energy which gives nonmsytic people a buzz, she has lost some of her memory.…

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    “He raises his head and she looks into the eyes of a predator. So dazzling… She almost has to look away from the blaze. They seem to drip silver – like liquid mercury escaping from a broken thermometer.  But even though she is transfixed by the terrible beauty of his eyes, its his teeth that suddenly draw her fascinated gaze. Teeth that have extended inhumanly, the canines sharp and dog-like as he bares them and growls.” Marie O’Neal used have life, a family, friends. But that all changed when she met Theo, her maker. Now Marie now longer existed… She was Moth, a new fully fledged vampire, and one that…

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    ***Double Cross is the fourth and final book in the Noughts and Crosses series. Please note that this review may contain spoilers for the previous books*** “The Glock 23 felt heavy and seductively comfortable in my hand. The pearl stock, warmed by my body heat, fitted snuggly against my palm. I now held McAudley’s custom-made semi-automatic. A real honest-to-God gun in my hand.  A proper killing machine.  Or was that me? Where did I stop and the gun start? I really couldn’t tell any more.  Now what?” Callie Rose’s life has been shot to pieces. A bomb blast has killed her Nana Jasmine and everyone believes a nought terrorist was…

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    ***Please Note: Checkmate is the third in the Noughts and Crosses Series and this review may contain spoilers for the previous two books***“The General watched as his Liberation Militia commanders took their places around the imposing mahogany dining table. He studied each of them in turn . Years of self discipline honed from childhood made it easy for him to keep his expression neutral. Six mend and three women finally settled and look at him in respectful anticipation.” Sixteen years after the birth of her daughter Callie Rose, Sephy is struggling. Callie Rose can barely be in the same room as her and she’s so full of hatred and anger…