Review Policy/Contact

Hi there!

I’m Raimy and I would love any opportunity to review books from authors or publishers if they wish to contact me at:

I am happy to post my review both on my blog and at amazon and/or goodreads, however I can only promise posts at the separate sites if requested. If I receive a book for review and find that it is not to my taste or there is some reason I cannot read it I will try my hardest to pass it on to someone for them to read. However if this is not possible the book may go un-reviewed. I cannot guarantee a review of every book sent to me.

I read most YA genres, including coming of age, romance, sci-fi, dystopia and mystery novels. I don’t read as many adult books but I occasionally read some of the same kind of genres – especially if they are considered to be crossover books.

Please note that at the minute I am not accepting self-published books. This is due to the increasing pile of books I currently have but this may change in the near future. Sorry.