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  • Cheap Alprazolam 2Mg

    I’ve yet to be totally drawn into the eReader/Kindle thing. Half of me really wants one (they look really good for study/work-related use but I couldn’t imagine them being my thing for pleasure.
    I worked at a Borders before they all closed down and we were trained in how to sell them and they do a hell of a lot more than just let you read books but then, so do all these new-fangled tablet/iPad things.
    I like books, proper books! I couldn’t imagine changing all my books to electronic format like I could with my music…but equally I know some people who still like to keep ‘hard copies’ of all their favourite CDs/records.
    Imagine if you got rid of all your ‘proper’ books and had them all electronic and then it crashed/you lost them all!?! Harrowing!
    I also hate reading off screens but know the eReader/Kindle screens are better designed that ‘normal screens’.
    /End ranty rambly comment 😉 x

  • Stef

    I keep telling the boy that he ever buys me one I will kill him, The feel and smell of books is something that can never be replaced…Don’t care I can carry 100 books instead of 1, i love the books too much!