Letterbox Love (#48)

Welcome to Letterbox Love, this is a UK meme, hosted by the lovely Lynsey at Narratively Speaking and inspired by The Story Siren’s In My Mailbox. This post is a means by which to highlight the books we get in the post and beyond, and especially to bring attention to those books which may be sat on our shelves for a little while yet that we love all the same.

For Review: 

This sounds like just my kind of strange. I had not heard of Haunted until I was emailed about it, but it really sounds like the kind of thing I love, a good teen horror is sometimes hard to come by so thank you so much to Oxford University Press for this! 

Again, I hadn’t heard of this one really either. I had seen it in the Electric Monkey 2013 preview but I’m not sure what to expect. I really enjoy reading books without knowing what they are about and know this is post-apocolyptic so I think I’ll enjoy! Thanks Electric Monkey! 

So I read Eight Keys and I enjoyed it, but I know there were things I didn’t like and I’ve kinda forgotten what happened. I remember that the writing was one thing I did really love and it was mainly the time setting feeling I didn’t get. This one sounds a lot more to my liking and I really can’t wait to get stuck into it. Thanks for sending a copy Puffin! 

This has had rave reviews in the states and I was so happy when I foundout that Orchard were publishing it. It is about Peter Pan but not as we know him and I really love retellings of well known tales so I am really looking forward to this! 

Anna Dressed in Blood is high up on my enjoyed list and whilst I haven’t read Girl of Nightmares yet I do not want to miss out on reading Kendare Blakes mthology tale Antigoddess. It sounds incredible so I was very happy when it turned up! Thanks to Orchard for this and Tiger Lily! 

This was unexpected and I haven’t heard of the book before but I really love the sound of it. The book arrived with a ‘Winter Survival Kit’ put together by the guys at Bloomsbury which was a really nice touch and having read the blurb I think this mystery with a sad twist is definitely one to be put to the top of the TBR pile. Thanks Bloomsbury!! 

  • Mel

    I love the sound of Tiger Lily…different views of favourite stories are always interesting to read! 🙂

  • I’m so glad Arclight is getting published here as I’m dying to read it! I love the winter package its a really nice touch 🙂

  • The Winter Damage package looks so good! You’re very lucky.
    I haven’t read anything by Kendare Blake yet but think it’s about time that I do.

    Happy reading, Raimy!

  • I’m really, really excited for Tiger Lily. I’ve heard amazing things about it.